Reawakening Life: From Semi-Retirement to Rediscovering Purpose

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If you’re new to my blog, hello there! And if you’re an OG “Jenniration” (since 2006) blog reader, mabuhay! For the past seven years, I’ve been living the semi-retired life, reveling in the calm that comes with stepping back from the chaotic whirlwind of being a wife, mom, friend, and entrepreneur. The decision to take a break was a conscious one – a much-needed respite from the incessant demands of motherhood and the constant juggling act of building a career as a woman. The hiatus was a breath of fresh air, allowing me to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, free from the stresses that often accompany the roles we play.

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Semi-Retirement Bliss:

During these years, I embraced my inner hermit, dodging social events like a pro and finding solace in the comforting cocoon of a stress-free life. The pandemic was just the universe giving me a solid high-five, amplifying the peace and quiet and giving me the perfect excuse to binge-watch shows I missed during my “too busy to Netflix” years.

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The Turning Point:

However, in 2022, a pivotal moment occurred without delving into specifics. This moment brought about the most challenging experience of my life, acting as a catalyst for change. Suddenly, after half a decade of tranquility, I felt an insatiable urge to re-enter the world with goals to achieve and a renewed sense of purpose and productivity.

Shifting Gears:

As my kids upgraded from needing my constant attention to just sending me the occasional memes, I found myself with ample resources to redirect toward personal and professional pursuits. The last two years, while marked by difficulties, stirred a newfound excitement and motivation within me. For the first time in a long while, I feel the sparks of ambition and a desire to achieve my goals as 2024 unfolds.

Blogging Renaissance: Now, what’s a midlife awakening without a touch of digital comeback? My return to blogging adds a sprinkle of delight to this new chapter. Sharing my Good Finds, experiences, lessons, aspirations, and working with brands has become my newfound love affair. It’s like telling the universe, “Hey, I’m back, and this time, I brought a sense of humor!” Blogging not only connects me with my online community and broader audience but also lets me spill the beans on the messy side of life – because let’s face it, behind every seemingly put-together person is a tangled web of hilarious unpredictability.

From Hermit to Heroine: So here I am, unretiring with a splash of sass and a dash of wit. Turns out, semi-retirement was just the appetizer; the main course is this renewed sense of purpose, motivation, and a blog that’s ready to set the internet on fire. Retirement? Overrated. Embracing life, sharing the journey, and doing it all with a side of laughter. This 2024, I’m not just shifting gears; I’m hitting the accelerator, fasten your seat belt, it’s going to be a wild, witty ride!

As I step into this new chapter, I am a testament to the idea that life’s purpose evolves, and one should be open to embracing change. The semi-retired bliss served its purpose, but now, with a rekindled fire within (cue music: Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks’), I am ready to contribute, achieve, and savor every moment with an understanding that having a sense of purpose until the very end is what truly matters.

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