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I must be mad for doing this! Maintaining a website is ten million times more challenging than sustaining a blog! But, like most dreams, sometimes we have to push ourselves and test our limits to see them come true right before our eyes.

Yes! I have upgraded from my humble beginnings as a blogger to having a full-blown website! It’s truly a dream come true. I’ve harbored this vision since as early as 2002 of having my website. In fact, Metro magazine (thanks to Ms. Thelma San Juan) featured it. It’s been a while since that magazine feature came out, so basically, this website has been NINE YEARS in the making.

Almost a decade later, here I am finally welcoming you to the dream… and let me just say, it has been a long but beautiful journey.

Ever since I started as a stylist and personal shopper, sharing my new finds, advice, and experiences has always been a thrill of mine. I think it’s mostly my motherly instincts! I’d like to think of myself as a “mompreneur,” and every day I need to balance being a mom and wife with my career in fashion. I know that everybody is looking for that balance through motivation, inspiration, and guidance, and I myself have needed these many times throughout my life. This was the drive behind everything I did and behind starting my blog.

I was NEVER a techie – in fact, making my first blog was a challenge to myself to face my fear of the www. I had already been writing for several publications, including Philippine Star’s Allure section and Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Lifestyle section and Inquirer’s Just Shop magazine, but the internet was taboo to me. My first blog, Mabuhaygirl, was my first step into the blogging world. My friend KC Concepcion had pushed me to try Multiply, and then stuck at home one day, during the height of typhoon “Milenyo,” I wrote my first blog… 10 times before I could even post it! Haha!

Fast forward to 5000+ blog entries later; I moved to Welovejenni, my second blog at Blogspot just at the start of this year 2011. I was blessed with so much support, and my beloved madlang shoppingeros at shoppingeras shot to the roof! DIZZIZIT! There is no better time than now to start the website!

So here we are now – my new home on the web. And the new tagline? LIVE STYLE.

Yes, dahlings… I encourage you to live style, and this website has everything you need to do it. It covers everything from food to gadgets, fashion to family, even an advice column, a feature on my amazing readers, and an online store. Like I’ve already been doing in my blogs, this website has more tips, more features, more giveaways to make your lives more fun and fab!

So here we are, and like the first time I wrote that blog, I am super excited to share this new venture with you. I would like to thank my graphic designer Mia de Lara and Online Strategist Dart Tiglao for making this beautiful website! To my sponsors who believe in me and share my vision, you guys rock! Of course, I wouldn’t have gotten here if not for my family who grounds me, friends to support me, and readers who inspire me every day. THANK YOU. This website is for you.

Again, I would like to welcome you to jenniepperson.com – the fruit of my dream and the beginning of yet another beautiful journey. Enjoy!

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  1. I love your top. Where did you get it? :)) I love your blog too. Especially the food section! Easy meals yet very sosyal looking!

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