“You’ve Never Seen Makati This Way Before”

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Tom and I were invited recently to one of Megaworld’s lovely events.

Megaworld recently unveiled how vibrant Makati can be experienced in different ways, with its event “Quadrants: You’ve Never Seen Makati This Way Before.”

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The Conservatory of Manila Peninsula was transformed recently with four different vignettes displayed at each corner of the venue. Guests and clients interacted with the lifestyle vignettes.

Photo taken using Instagarm

“While Makati continues to advance, Megaworld will be at the center of it all. I ask you to visualize yourselves in different lifestyles we have presented leading a life in a location as grand as Makati.” said Eugene Lozano, vice president of Megaworld during his speech.

Check out the cleverly designed vignettes:

Greenbelt Hamilton

Greenbelt Hamilton is the dominating tower that radiates success, and the freedom that tells one “you can do what you want, when you want, and however you want it done.” We are looking at a development that depicts the bold, the contemporary, with taste and striking character, outgoing, the weekend warriors, the fit and fabulous, and the independent who are always on the go. For the well-educated, sophisticated, urbane people who value the convenience of having everything within reach. For you Broadway enthusiasts, style icons, the smart, and the high-spirited who’s in total control of your life, Greenbelt Hamilton is the space that best suits the urban lifestyle.

Salcedo SkySuites

Salcedo SkySuites. Masculine with exceptional amenities, SkySuites is the space for scotch and cigars, for a person who knows how to appreciate art, good music, and toned down classics. Eccentric yet minimal, quiet yet full of substance, what a personality, SkySuites is. Just like its first-of-its-kind in the metro, the heated rooftop infinity pool, this project stands out with uniqueness.

Paseo Heights

For the women who love colors and festivals; those who like to take things slow and easy. Let’s think of park side living; breezy, comforting, with Saturday Organic Markets and polaroid memoirs of your small travels, kaleidoscopes and outdoor concerts, picnics in green grass and cups of coffee with friends. Paseo Heights is the property that tones down the energy of the city and invites you to your own relaxing abode in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the business district.

Three Central

The Metropolitan vibe of New York. Think –business suits and poker sets, speakeasy bars, penthouse parties, and cab rides. It is a place with a diverse community that’s edgy, dynamic, and fast-paced, where there is always something interesting going on in some corner. Three Central is home to a man of power, intelligence, runs on weekends, takes his time with a newspaper in the morning, and gets take-outs for dinner.

From left: Eugene Lozano, Megaworld vice president; chief operating officer Ms. Lourdes Gutierrez-Alfonso; me and ze hubby; Rovilson Fernandez, TV personality and host of the event

With these four new properties set to rise at the center of Makati CBD, Megaworld has shown that it can offer only the best of innovation and style to its customers.

My husband and I had a wonderful and insightful time at the Megaworld affair. It was nice to check out and interact with the vignettes at the event especially when we’re always on a lookout for investments for the future of our children.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, discover what Megaworld project best suits you. Explore the different ways of seeing Makati.

For inquiries, call 0917-8876223, email info@megaworldmakaticbd.com, or www.megaworldmakaticbd.com

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