Will You Cook Me?

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There are some dishes that just has magic with every bite.

I’m not talking about anything illegal! Nakakaloka. I’m talking about those oh so good dishes that somehow makes it so special, it brings about a series of fortunate events! You don’t believe me? Well read and be amazed!

And I really do mean, READ. One of my favorite cookbooks is Glamour Magazine’s “100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know”. The cover reads “Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Fabulous Dishes to Get You Everything You Want in Life”. Diba! Grabe lang sa pramis!

MUST BUY: Glamour Magazine’s “100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know”

It’s amazing! Let me give you a little bit of a teaser about this book. Engagement Chicken is a real magical recipe. Once upon a time, a magazine editor from Glamour passed on a recipe for delicious roast chicken to her assistant. One day, that assistant prepared the chicken for her boyfriend, and got engaged on that very night! Three more people in Glamour tried it, and engagement rings soon followed their partner’s second servings! It moved from one girl to another, and later on, more than 60 girls got engaged to their boyfriends when they served them this dish! True Story!

“Engagement Chicken” photo credit: Jonny Valiant, image courtesy of Glamour

Food doesn’t just nourish us. Food affects our moods, days, and our general well-being. Food IS magical. In the case of the “Engagement Chicken” it’s extra miraculous! Haha!

Think back to what dish has given you luck through the day! Be it a special recipe or a simple tuna sandwich, chances are whatever you ate that made you feel extra good could have the same effect on others, so prepare, share, and see the magic spread!

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