Why I Love Holiday Family Photos

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First of all, I just want to say that I enjoyed my Instagram and Facebook timeline last Christmas and New Year with the holiday photos of family and friends. Thank you for sharing all your happy moments (and some crazy ones too—my favorite haha) online. Sumakit daliri ko kaka-like!

This is about the time when I blog about the Epperson’s Christmas and New Year’s celebrations (#AnEppersonChristmas – LOL) but since we are just continuing our holiday traditions (Santa stakeout, Noche Buena, Christmas brunch and opening gifts on Christmas morning) from previous years so I thought I’d post something different like our family’s holiday photos.

I believe that memories are powerful. They tie us to people, places, and emotions. Preserving these precious moments through photographs for the days when we may not remember, can’t remember, or might just need reminded of can be a beacon of hope for the next generation. This year, I wanted to encapsulate my family’s bonding time by taking more family photos than usual.

Formal portraits

Honestly, the only reason we do a traditional sitting/pose is for our children’s school requirements of “family photos.” LOL


Formal portrait with Tom, Aryanna, Dylan, our dog Q and me.


Eyes on you

Fun portraits

These are they type of photos that we frame and display in our home—fun, fashyon and truly epitomizes the Epperson’s. Hahahaha


Our tribute to holiday food coma



The way she looks at him



Pizza & palazzo pants

What is most important than gifts under the tree are memories shared with the ones you love. Not to mention photos make great gifts for your family and close friends. Who doesn’t love getting a great holiday card with pictures of the people you care about inside? I know I do.


Tawang-tawa lang kami sa pinggagawa namin!! Stay silly!

Life is not without hard times, but I know that looking at pictures always helps me remember that there is goodness and happiness, even in the mundane tasks of everyday life. I want my children to see that too.

Start the year happy!

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