Why Big Kids Need Better Protection From Germs

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I can’t believe my boy Dylan is already 6 years old! He’s no longer a baby and is crossing over to becoming a big kid!

My son has always been an active boy. He goes to soccer practice weekly, rides his kick-scooter everywhere and loves playing in the park and activity centers. It’s a joy seeing my boy grow up and discover the world around him through play.

Dylan is at an age too where he wants to do things independently like dressing himself up, taking videos of his activities (maybe someday I’ll share them with all of you as it’s too funny!), doing his homework, and even bathing on his own. In fact, we were meant to go together to the Safeguard event but, I had to go out of town and had to confront my 6-year old about it:

Me: Dylan, guess what? *teary-eyed*
Dylan: What?
Me: I can’t go with you to the Safeguard Adventure Camp. Please don’t get mad. I have work.
Dylan: It’s OK. I’ll go with Dad.
Me: It’s OK?!!!!!
Dylan: Yup.
Me: What about “go with me, mom!”
Dylan: It’s OK, mom. I’m already a big boy and Dad can handle it.
Me: You will always be my baby boy.
Dylan: Mom!
Me: But…
Dylan: I’m gonna have fun!
Me: Without me?
Dylan: I’ll miss you. *kisses and hugs me*

Let the fun times begin at the Safeguard Adventure Camp!


Safeguard held their Adventure camp at The Exploreum in SM MOA, an interactive activity center where kids (and adults too) can be play, discover and experiment. It makes science learning fun and memorable.


This photo encapsulates the joy and fun Dylan had during the Safeguard Adventure Camp.


Born to drive and fly!


Focused and fearless


Exploring Exploreum


Dylan loves all means of transportation including this stationary bike! LOL


The doctor is in, literally.


That face!

As kids explore their new-found freedom, contact with germs is inevitable. That’s why moms like us need to ensure our kids get better protection from germs but also gentle on their skin.


After play mandatory

Safeguard Body Wash provides big protection for big kids. It removes germs and maintains their skin’s moisture shield with a dermatologically tested formula proven to be as gentle as water. My son always has fun playing bubbles with it!

safeguard body wash

Safeguard has been acclaimed for its superior germ protection for the entire family. Safeguard also knows that superior germ protection need not be harsh on the skin. That’s why, in addition to their superior market-leading bar soaps Safeguard has launched Body Wash – the future of personal cleansing.

3 Simple Steps To Full-Body Protection:

  1. Squeeze. Take a coin-sized amount of Safeguard Body Wash onto a wet puff.
  2. Lather. Work up a rich lather with the puff as you gently scrub from top to toe.
  3. Rinse and pat dry to enjoy lasting freshness and full-body protection.

I’m glad Dylan had a great time (even without me, hmp!) at the event. I’m so proud of my little-mister-independent!

The second you realize that your kid is starting to become independent can be one of the most emotionally wracking, anxiety-inducing moment of your life. But as a parent, I have to remind myself that letting my kids go and experience being independent is part of my job. It’s the least favorite thing in my list but necessary. I find that the best thing is to keep open communication lines between my children and me, to cherish every moment and remember that everything is going to be alright.

This post is in partnership with Safeguard Body Wash. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for supporting collaborations that have kept JenniEpperson.com’s doors open. I appreciate it.

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