Why A Trip To Lion Lake Resort May Prolong Your Life

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The news about music icon’s David Bowie and actor and director Alan Rickman’s (Professor Snape from Harry Potter) passing sent shock waves to the entire world. They both battled cancer and died at the age of 69. No one can believe that they are gone because it seemed so sudden.

iceberg theory

Cancer does not occur suddenly. It is found out suddenly: The key to keep away from cancer lies in prevention.

The World Health Organization clearly points out:
One third of cancers can be prevented and avoided
One third of cancers can be prevented and cured in the long term
One third of cancer patients can prolong their life and improve their life quality through cancer treatment

In many cases, what is known about cancer prevention is still evolving. However, it’s well-accepted that your chances of developing cancer are affected by the lifestyle choices you make.

So if you’re concerned about cancer prevention, take comfort in the fact that some simple lifestyle changes and arming oneself with proper information can make a big difference.

Preventive medicine consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment. My husband Tom and I have always been an advocate for preventive medicine and preventive health care. So when I had the opportunity to travel to Guangzhou, China last year as one of the Philippine’s delegates The 1st Global Preventive Medical Alliance Conference (GPMAC) and The 2nd National Molecular Health Care and Prevention Medical Conference (NMHPMC), at the Qingyuan Lion Lake Sheraton Hotel I didn’t think twice in going.


I left Manila during APEC week and was lucky to get a flight out at night however, we arrived Guangzhou, China late at almost midnight. From the airport, it was a 2-hour ride to get to Lion Lake Resort. Despite being sleepy, the trip was pleasant because of the newly built highways. We checked-in our hotel and went to bed immediately.


Day 1

Before anything else, a room tour is in order.

After arriving the resort in the wee hours of the morning it was surreal to wake up to this magnificent view. My first thought: I could live here. The place was serene, relaxing and calming.


My version of command center


The view, the furniture and the tea bar


Snooze heaven


The bedroom and bathroom is an open concept. I was able to actually take a bubble bath while looking out at the view.


Across my room is the view of one of the luxury homes (more like a mansion) for VIPS.


HTG Lion Lake Ltd. is a golden name card mirroring the image and development of Qingyuan City. It has dedicated in building the international tourism, health and leisure synthesis. Lion Lake module integrates the high-end supporting resource of the world: the Arabian style Sheraton Global flagship hotel, the international championship golf course, the fisherman wharf commercial street, the international yacht club are built one after another; the international school, hot spring resort and living supporting facilities are now under construction.

I woke up early so I took advantage and walked around the resort to marvel at its grandness and beauty.


The luxurious Convention Center of the Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort.

The facility is surrounded by well-manicured gardens and a lake.


I had breakfast and immediately proceeded to the conference.


Say Mabuhay to the Philippine delegates!

IMG_1950 copy

Team Philippines (from left): Allure editor and PeopleAsia editor-in-chief Joanne Rae Ramirez, Excellence Medicare founder and chairman Esther Law, CEO Jennifer Zheng, Pasig City congressional candidate Mons Romulo, me and Amyline Quien Ching of the Bulletin


Marcos Lau, Business Development Director, EMIC; Justina, Medical Affairs Specialist, EMIC; Pro. Jiren Zhang, President, Guangdong Institute of Cancer Prevention and Targeted Intervention and Control; me; Esther Law, Founder, EMIC; Secretary general, Global Preventive Medical Union; Ms. Jingfen Zheng, Founder, TE-PEMIC Healthcare; Member, Guangdong Institute for Cancer Prevention and Targeted Intervention and Control; Mons Romulo, Pasig City congressional candidate

For The 1st Global Preventive Medical Alliance Conference (GPMAC) and The 2nd National Molecular Health Care and Prevention Medical Conference (NMHPMC), Lion Lake has gathered the top-level talents from domestic and international top tumor research institutes and medical institutions. It represents world’s highest level in genetics, genomics, molecular medicine, public health, clinical medicine.

The conference was held at the Lion Lake grand ballroom. It was attended by different delegates from all over Asia-Pacific. The speakers were mostly Chinese but they provided translation/interpretation headsets for convenience.

The conference was held at the Lion Lake grand ballroom. It was attended by different delegates from all over Asia-Pacific. The speakers were mostly Chinese but they provided translation/interpretation headsets for convenience.

Here is some helpful information of what I’ve learned from the conference:

The medical center offers the TE-PEMIC preventive medicine system, which includes five aspects:

1. Elimination of the intrinsically disordered protein from the blood
2. Elimination of heavy metals and pesticide residue
3. Discharge of metabolic wastes, the regulation of metabolism and the detection of gene mutation
4. Regulation of body immune system and the elimination of immunosuppressive factors; and
5. Suppression, intervention or elimination of chronic inflammatory mediators.

Advantages of ultra-early cancer prevention technology from Lion Lake International Medical Center

Exclusive ten levels of cancer prevention special detection

Level 1 Screening and intervention of heavy metals and other environmental carcinogens
Carry out, in the human body, the measurement of residual quantity of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, aluminum and other heavy metals as well as organic phosphorus, organic chlorine and other pesticides, which are published as environmental carcinogens by International Agency for Research on Cancer under World Health Organization, so as to assess the risk of having cancers.
Level 2 Harvard tumor risk assessment system
With the adoption of Harvard tumor comprehensive risk assessment system, one-to-one consultation and interpretation is carried out towards over 200 physical details in order to access each and every cancer risk in details.
Level 3 High-throughput susceptibility detection (for people with family medical history)
It can provide specific increased multiples of the morbidity risk for the general population through high-throughput scanning millions of gene locus and determination based on mass literature Meta analysis
Level 4 Cancer carcinogenesis detection
It can accurately detect the cancer carcinogenesis 5 years in advance through cooperation with the top-level teams from Clinical Medicine School of University of Cambridge and COSMIC Database of Sanger Institute of University of Cambridge.
Level 5 dynamic change detection of cancer carcinogenesis
It discloses the dynamic change of ultra-early cancer carcinogenesis in details through cooperation with the top-level team from Medical School of American Harvard University
Level 6 Precancerous cell antibody detection
It can detect early cancer by detecting antibodies produced by immune organs, immune cells and immune molecules against precancerous cell.
Level 7 Ultra deep physical detection
The ultra-deep physical detection indicator (cannot be detected by common hospital medical examination) we developed jointly with experts from Southern Medical University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine can decide the existing inducement for high tumor morbidity and its danger rating.
Level 8 Biochemical detection
With the introduction of Roche fully automated biochemical diagnosis equipment which ranks number one in the world in terms of diagnosis and the introduction and R&D of many detection indicators, we can fully detect the abnormalities in the body and determine the possible cancerous parts of the body
Level 9 International brand new marker detection
In collaboration with top research institutes from the US, Japan, China FTA etc., we have introduced the world’s latest five tumor markers different from the traditional technology, which can detect tumors in stomach, intestine, lung, breast, liver etc. in the early stage. And has served China at the earliest time, providing the maximum chance to discover tumor.
Level 10 Radiation free image detection
The use of highly precise medical equipment with no radiation can specifically detect cancer information in different organs. The Ministry of Public Health strictly prohibits the use of PET-CT in physical examination on healthy people.


After the conference we met with the fabulous Esther Law who organized the Guangzhou conference. She is the chairman of Excellence Medicare Inc. She obtained her master’s degree of Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation in 2006. Now she serves as vice president and director of International Affairs Department of Fuda Cancer Hospital of Jinan University, Guangzhou, China. Since 2004 until now, she has been engaged in promoting cancer care and humane education. She started the “BEU” Service Model, which consists of “Basic” service, “Expected” service and “Unexpected” service—I love it!

Meeting Eshter was a delight as she is youthful, beautiful and as bubbly as my friend and Pasig City’s congressional candidate Mons Romulo (vote for her!!) who was the one who personally invited me to this trip! Thanks, sis!


Sisters in style. Esther and Mons

I took candid photos of Esther and Mons because they were so cute together—giggling, holding hands and catching with each other. It was so heartwarming to witness their dynamics. They are like sisters!


After the conference, we had free time. And that means time to shoot for Instagram —haha! Hashtag: ihavethisthingwithfloors


A hotel stay is not complete without ordering room service. Lion Lake Resort’s menu has both Chinese and continental dishes.


I went for the hotdog and fries because they taste better with fresh air. LOL

After a well-rested afternoon, I got ready for dinner. Time to stow away the rubber shoes and bust out the statement heels.


After dinner, we had the opportunity to interview the key heads of Lion Lake Medical Center.

Zheng or “Jennifer” established the Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort in Guangzhou, an Arabian palace-themed hotel managed by the Sheraton group in what was once a field of grass and marshes. It has the amenities of a five-star hotel and is about an hour from Guangzhou. Today, it is a complex of hotel buildings, condominiums, golf courses, lakes and a state-of-the-art medical center staffed by Chinese and German doctors.


(From left) Lion Lake Medical Center president Zhang Jiren, Lion Lake Medical Center president Wang Xinguo, CEO Jennifer Zheng and president Fu Shilin.

We asked why Jennifer why invested in the project when she was already doing very well with the resort as it is. 

“She said she wanted the Lion Lake Resort to give pleasure and have a purpose as well. She added, environmental pollution, contaminated food and unhealthy lifestyle are posing great threat to our health and hence our lives, therefore, disease prevention is crucial.”

Since preventive medicine is relatively new in China, why should people seek it?

“I believe preventive medicine in China will be very promising in the future. Today, the prevention of diseases is highly valued regardless by government or society. In recent years, the Chinese economy has developed rapidly and people are becoming more and more concerned about their health. People want to keep healthy and live longer. And the TE-PEMIC system that we put forward during the conference today, was to help people obtain health and live longer by affording technologies in preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases and anti-aging for the healthcare industrial chain!”

The group asked Dr. Zhang, a renowned oncologist why he shifted his focus from cancer-treatment to preventive medicine.

“I was doing clinical medicine for more than 30 years, mostly working as a chief in cancer department in a government hospital. A majority of patients I encountered within my work were advanced cancer patients, and in fact, treatments for them could be very difficult. Most of the time, we will do what we can do, but only just to relieve their pain a bit and prolong their lives. As an oncologist, I had such a tiny sense of accomplishment. Today, the science has proved that, one-third of cancer can be prevented. I had always hoped that people will not have cancer any more, or get many other diseases. This is my dream, so I hope I can use my 30 years’ of experiences in the development of such a preventive medicine platform.”

Day 2

I was up bright and early for another day of some relaxation and a tour of the sprawling Lion Lake Resort and Medical Center.


After breakfast, our group went around the hotel to check out the interior and amenities.


Everything is grand and elegant!


We were then whisked into the vast estate of the resort. Yes!


I love this limo/golf cart!

That view!


Taken at the Medical Center that overlooks the lake. I mean, who would get better in this place!

Germany INUS International Medical Center which services for European Imperial Household, and was authorized by Germany INUS center the right to utilize INUS trademark, international patented heavy metal elimination technology and tertiary preventive system which conforms to WHO and being certificated by TUV.


Advanced Double-membraneTargetedElimination Technology. First entering the blood through air and food, some heavy metal then gets into tissues along with blood circulation. Once the accumulation of heavy metals in tissues is out of limits, it will largely increase the risk of causing all kinds of major diseases, even leading to cancer. Therefore, apheres is heavy metal targeted elimination technology is currently the most advanced targeted-intervention technology for the related diseases. With exclusive patented superionic exchange nano-fiber membrane, Germany INUS double-membrane targeted elimination technology can target separate heavy metal accumulated in the blood, collect them, and eliminate them from the body, which is safe and efficient. At the same time, targeted elimination can be done through unique custom exercise intervention, natural medical intervention, functional medical intervention etc., to strengthen and consolidate the effect of eliminating heavy metal from the body. Compared with the traditional method of eliminating heavy metal with complexing agent, double-membrane targeted elimination technology boasts very obvious strengths, such as it fast and durable effect, safe and reliable treatment methods,and retention of trace elements in human body. Certified by the authorities, it not only can be used on healthy people but also can be used to intervene and prevent a variety of chronic diseases.


Top-level laboratory. The PCR (clinical gene amplification) laboratory takes ISO15189 as the quality management standard and CMA as metrological certification standard. Its inspection reports arerecognized worldwide, which provides a software guarantee for the accuracy of medical services.


Blood samples

After touring the Medica Center, we checked out the Golf Club House. The Lion Lake Country Club is the most popular golf course in South China, owning a 160,000 m2 Clubhouse featured with Southern California-Style, and is equipped with Golf Pro-shop, Chinese and Western restaurants, VIP rooms, grand ballroom, Spa Center, a 25,000 m2 fully-equipped and functional Driving Range, as well as Golf Academy. It even has been awarded with the “2011 Top 10 Golf Clubs” by Golf Digest. Mr. Rick Jacobson, the American Course Designer, designed the two courses of world championship-level with different styles named Moonlight Course and Moon Course by using the original geological landscape.





Lion Lake also offers high-end mansions and apartments.


The Lion Lake Lakeside House

Next was a trip to the Aroma Island.


The area of Aroma Island is 4300m2. It is surrounded by water, and flowers can be found all year long. Tea trees are planted outdoors, and in the teahouse, the decent smell of tea permeates through, with falling curtain, the teahouse seems like a green tile yard several centuries ago.


Chinese tea ceremony

For the island, tea could be an excuse for leisure in the afternoon, and you can relax your mind by enjoying the sound of Chinese traditional instrument during enjoying a cup of tea.



A cup of tea, a window of leisure


Time to go back in the resort via speed boat. Clazz.


The 123 villas of Lion Lake Mansion have 123 different styles and each one is one of a kind. With the South California style, the villas have the most luxurious rooms, entertainment facilities, and fitness equipment, including gym, home theater and grand garden.

What an exhilarating speed boat ride!


The cutest vehicle in the property!


The BBQ Donut is literally a donut-shaped boat with a grill in the middle where guests can barbecue. Genius!

Thank you Lion Lake Resort for a relaxing and insightful trip! Big thanks too to Mons for inviting me! I met the most wonderful and inspiring people in this trip.


A 5-day stay in the Lion Lake Resort for the TE-PEMIC procedures costs about $30,000 (airfare not included). It is the only facility outside Germany that performs the procedure, and 50 German doctors are based there. One thousand procedures of this kind have been performed in the resort hospital in the last three months.

Our group stayed another night in the shopping mecca in Guangzhou. Who knew this place was cosmopolitan!


They say the key to longevity is living life with a purpose and a healthy lifestyle. A trip to Lion Lake Resort which offers luxury, relaxation and high-tech medical facility (and a dose of shopping—it’s good for the soul) ticks all the boxes for a long life.


A trip of a lifetime!

How to get to Lion Lake:

Lion Lake is located at the “South Gate” of Qingyuan, Guangdong. It’s less than 2 km from the Guangzhou-Qingyuan highway, and could be reached by north Erhuan highway and Guangzhou-Qingyuan highway directly. Shaoguan City is at its north, Foshan and Sanshui are at the west, 60 mins by car from Guangzhou downtown, 35 mins from Baiyun International Airport, 8 mins from downtown Qingyuan, near the Guangzhou-Qingyuan light rail station. When the rail way project is completed, it should take only 25 mins from Guangzhou to Qingyuan.

(For more information, contact Global One-Stop Platform for Preventive Medical Tourism Guangzhou, China at +8618565258686 or e-mail: marcoslau@emic.com.my. And in the Philippines, contact 09178987879.)

This post is in partnership with EMIC and Lion Lake resort. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting posts that keep JenniEpperson.com doors open.

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