Whip Up a Healthy White Christmas Smoothie with a Portable Blender

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Ever wish for a tasty smoothie that helps manage holiday calories? 

Let’s blend up joy and wellness together! Before we dive in, unbox the brand-new Nutribullet® Portable Blender!

The Nutribullet® Portable Blender is cool that it’s guaranteed never to end up in any White Elephant exchange!

This is a game-changer for office workers, athletes, soccer moms, and travel bugs! Enjoy the convenience of blending anytime, anywhere, making healthy drinks easily part of your festive season!

Meet the Nutribullet® Portable Blender—an on-the-go magician that whips up smoothies, protein shakes, party concoctions, flavored water, and much more, wherever you roam!

Who needs it:

•On-the-go individuals craving convenient and healthy nutrition
•Travelers seeking homemade snacks while on the move
• Office workers in need of an energy-boosting drink at work
•Fitness enthusiasts wanting post-workout shakes or smoothies
•Cooks seeking kitchen convenience in places without traditional blenders


Surviving the holiday feast marathon? My secret weapon: Pre-game with a healthy smoothie using a portable blender! It’s my go-to strategy for staying balanced amidst the festive indulgence.

Sharing with you a gut-friendly smoothie recipe that I make to counter the effects of alcohol and calories especially this Christmas season.

White Christmas Smoothie

Dreaming of a holiday treat without the guilt? Indulge in the White Christmas Smoothie with the new Nutribullet Portable Blender!

Drinking this smoothie before enjoying Christmas treats and alcohol is good for your gut. Bananas and coconut are easy to digest and rich in fiber, promoting a healthy balance of gut bacteria. The smoothie provides hydration, essential electrolytes, and a nutrient boost, helping to reduce bloating and balance stomach acidity. It’s a gentle choice before indulging in heavier holiday foods, promoting digestive comfort.


1 cup milk of your choice (I used organic  lactose-free milk)
1 whole ripe banana
1/3 cup organic coconut flakes or shredded coconut
1 tsp organic vanilla extract
1 tbsp organic maple syrup, optional
2-3 ice cubes

Easy peasy:

Blend all the ingredients for 2 rounds.

Note: For the best smoothie results, add the ingredients in the order below:

Add the following ingredients in this order: milk, coconut flakes, banana, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and ice cubes. Blend them in two rounds.

Suggested cleaning instructions: Fill the cup halfway with water and add one pump of dishwashing liquid. Turn on the portable blender, running it for 20 to 30 seconds. Discard the soapy water and refill the cup with plain water. Repeat this process until clean. Discard water. Unscrew the cup from the motor base and use a soft sponge to thoroughly clean it, especially if there are any bits stuck to it.

Cheers to trying to outsmart festive indulgence!

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