What Moms Can Learn From Stella McCartney’s Style

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Moms have one of the toughest and most challenging jobs in the world. It takes a lot of commitment, love, nurturing, effort and time to be one. Sometimes, it feels as if there’s not enough time in a day to do what needs to be done at work and to take care of the family at the same time. More so, to look put together while balancing life. Being a mother is amazing, but it isn’t always glamorous.

Unless you are a mom and a woman of leisure at the same time, long gone are your days of aimlessly wandering through malls, trying to find the perfect dress for a party. And spending every free time having mani/pedi done. That’s a cruel thing of the past. When you’re a working mom, getting ready is more a feat of speed and efficiency than leisure and luxury. It’s true.

I’ve always admired designer Stella McCartney’s style. She’s a working mom and she always looks put together in a cool (not matronly) manner.

I’ve decoded Stella’s style and we can all learn from this fashion icon on how to look refined and not frumpy despite life’s challenges:

Dress + Statement shoes – It’s easy to wear a classic shift dress to a party but nothing spells mommy than a shapeless dress with zero personality. Choose simple dresses with cool details such as a mullet shift dress and pair it with cool shoes. Keep the makeup light and for love of god, comb your hair! LOL

It’s all about proportions. Not all moms are comfortable in wearing shorts and minis. Maybe some feel it’s inappropriate to wear them when you’ve hit 40. My take on shorts and minis is that as long as you’ve got the legs and attitude for it, go for gold! Skip the tank top, instead, pair them with a white long sleeved shirt or blouse or even with a blazer and t-shirt combo. Also, wear nude sandals to keep those legs looking long.

Stylish moms and BFFs Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow rock the denim shorts and mini dress.

Trailblazer. The fastest way (and the most flattering for any body shape too) to look refined during “ngarag” days is throwing on a blazer over your outfit. Whether you’re wearing a jeans and t-shirt combo or if don’t know what to wear to a cocktail party, a good-fitting blazer can instantly take your from dag to fab!

Jean-ius! You don’t have to be the daughter of The Beatles’ Paul McCartney to rock denim jeans. The key to looking cool and classy at the same time is choosing a pair of that fits well and flatters your body. Keep the top simple, no frills and pair it with high heels for a refined look.

Dress to impress. Dresses are tricky when you hit a certain age. Depending on the print and cut, it could easily age a woman. Avoid too many printed dresses and go for solid colors and fresh silhouettes such as a denim tunic, a scuba-inspired dress or dresses with interesting hem details and throw on a cropped evening jacket.

Black & white. Neutral colored pieces are the building blocks of every woman’s wardrobe especially for working moms. Buy good quality, classic pieces of black and white separates, suits and even shoes. They will save you from everyday wardrobe woes. Also, choose interesting cuts and play with textures to keep it modern.

Have a ball! Formal affairs are rare and special. Buy an evening dress or two that are both stylish, elegant and fun. Skip glittery gowns and go for sleek style. Your wardrobe should only enhance your personality and not literally shine bright like a diamond in the room. LOL

It’s not an easy gig in balancing family and “fashion” but with a little effort, dressing up can be simple and fun!

Go moms!

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