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I’m sure some of you have enough basic jeans in your closet to last you a lifetime. It’s not surprising because if we could, we would live in our jeans forever. However, basic can sometimes become boring and no one wants to look and feel “meh” (uninspiring).


Have you noticed the consistent Style posts on my blog? As I mentioned before, 95% of my old clothes don’t fit me anymore ever since I’ve lost weight (24 pounds to date—OMG!) and I’ve been shopping for new clothes (Amen?!!) It’s an exciting time in my life as I’m building a new wardrobe but this time, armed with more shopping wisdom and buying well-curated attires. And since this blog is also a reflection of my life, I’m sharing with you some of my finds and tips on how to update your basics.

Add spice to your everyday wardrobe with these cool pairs:

High-Waist Cropped Jean

It took me a while to wear anything high waisted but once I’ve put on a pair of high-waist jeans, I’ve grown to love it! It’s comfy and the ankle length looks fresh! Try jeans with a side zip fastening and side pockets.


Boyfriend Low Ripped Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans are sexy! The cut is slightly wider, tapered legs and loose as if you actually borrowed them from your BF. Choose washed denim with heavily distressed details that will go well with your dressy tops and shoes.


Girlfriend Jeans

It’s the more feminine counter part of the Boyfriend Jeans. The style is ankle-length or long but cuffed, 5-pocket jeans with a slightly looser fit. Regular waist and tapered legs. Best paired with heels!


Shaping Flare Regular Jeans

I love this style as it’s flattering for most body shapes! It’s denim with technical stretch to trim and shape tummy, thighs, and seat, while jeans retain their shape. Regular waist, front and back pockets, and flared legs.


Regular Low Cropped Jeans

This style is my new “everyday” jeans. The low-rise cut and straight, ankle-length legs makes it comfy and casual.


Super Skinny Ankle Jeans

Give your black skinnies an update with some ripped knee action.


Patchwork Jeans

The modern 70’s look is encapsulated in this low-rise jeans in washed stretch denim with heavily distressed details. The fit is slightly wider, tapered legs with patchwork details.


Slouchy Jeans

Loose fitting and ankle-length trousers that have a how-rise fit perfect for casual Fridays.


Mid-Rise Flare Jeans

My husband loves it when I slip on a pair of flared, mid-rise jeans so I wear them often. If you like the 70’s and boho look, this style is for you!


Kick Flare Ankle Jeans

I love the awkward proportion of this style!! Go for the 5-pocket, ankle-length jeans in washed stretch denim with distressed details, regular waist, and flared legs with raw edge hems.


Ripped Mid-Rise Jeans With Buttons

When you have a lot of jeans, buying new ones with cool details like buttons on the hem are worth it!


Dark, Distressed Skinny Jeans

I love a good pair of skinnies in a dark wash with ripped details. They look cool and look flattering too!

Weekend stroll at the park in my new pair of dark, distressed jeans. I think it balances off my classic striped tee and penny loafers. The hot matcha is optional.

Weekend stroll at the park wearing my new pair of jeans. I think the edgy distressed details balance off my classic striped tee and penny loafers. The hot matcha is optional.

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion”
— Giorgio Armani

While not all jeans are created equal, we are all equal in jeans.

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