What Beauty Products To Save & Splurge On

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Life is all about balance and mixing high and low. When it comes to skin care and beauty products it’s about knowing what to scrimp on and what to spend your money on.

Check out my top Save vs. Splurge list:

Save on:


Oldie but goodie

Face cleanser. Choose a cleanser that’s right for your type of skin. Since it is literally money going down the drain, a creamy, gentle formula in general can get the job done.


Smother this on your face and neck every freakin’ day.

Moisturizer. Buy a moisturizer with SPF. There are plenty of drugstore brands that meet this requirement. If you have oily skin, a water-based moisturizer should do the trick.


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Makeup remover. Stop spending your hard-earned cash on fancy packaged makeup pads. Unscented baby wipes work just fine. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Double-duty makeup

Brow pencils. You know that taupe eyeshadow in your makeup palette? Well, it can double as brow filler. Just put some on your eyebrow brush (small angled makeup brush) and apply it in short strokes. It’s two products for the price of one.


Hoard them like there’s no tomorrow! LOL

Lipstick. Most likely, you’re going to buy an arsenal of multiple shades, so there’s no point in spending big bucks for each one. Let loose and buy in bulk. Lipsticks sold in drugstores and groceries are pretty amazing and won’t break your bank.

Splurge on:


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Anti-aging serum. Buy the best anti-aging that serum that you can afford because it’s worth it. Pricier anti-aging products have the benefit of greater scientific research and more effective formulas for combating wrinkles. A few drops go a long way so the bottle should last you for a while.


Wake up and smell the coffee beans and Panax Ginseng. This eye cream works!

Eye cream. The eye area is sensitive so be sure to invest in a good brand. In general, when buying products for the eyes, like eyeshadow and mascara choose quality products.


The holy grail of foundations.

Foundation. Finding the right shade and formula is tricky, and wasting precious cash trying out different drugstore brands adds up fast. Head to the beauty counter for a consultation. Your age and skin type matter, so a makeup professional will be able to lead you in the right direction. What’s important is to get a shade that best suit your skin tone and with SPF.


I swear, this brand makes your nails look like you just got a gel manicure.

Topcoat. You can save on nail polish if you invest in a high-quality topcoat.


Brad Pitt agrees!

Perfume. It’s simple, quality oils are pricey. Cheaper formulas start strong, but fade faster. Only buy small bottles as good perfume, if rationed, last for years and years to come (shelf life is approximately 3-5 years if stored in a cool, dark place).

Have a beautiful day!

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