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Famous quotes from the movie “High Society”:

Tracy: Are you learning anything about the idle rich?
Mike: Yeah, they drive too fast. Where are we headed anyway?
Tracy: The graveyard.
Mike: I’m not ready.
Tracy: I thought I’d show you the playground of the rich, the graveyard of the wealthy.
Mike: Well, for that I’m ready.

What Tracy Lord (Grace Kelly) was referring to as the "graveyard of the wealthy" was the derelict mansions repossessed by the government due to high taxes.


Some people may see auction houses as “graveyards” of the rich, I see it at as a shopping haven! I mean, even if you can afford, where else can one find an original Amorsolo painting or a pair of vintage xx-Carat emerald earrings in this day and age?

Auction houses like Salcedo Auctions provide a venue for sellers, shoppers, and collectors. Think of it as a soshal swap market! Haha!

I have experienced bidding at Salcedo Auctions for a set of Limoges (LEEmozh) dessert bowls and I can tell you that bidding for it was exciting! It’s like playing poker — you have to bid with a poker face and hope to bluff the other bidders. It’s nerve-racking especially when someone is trying to outbid you! I swear, you want to take the paddle and hit them for bidding against me! LOL


The Limoges dessert bowls I won at the auction!


I am happy to report that I won the bid for the Limoges and I got them for a very good price!


An heirloom set I could pass on to Aryanna plus, an exciting story to tell my future grand kids on how I got them... Which will be 80,000 years from now because Aryanna is way too young! Haha!


This time, Salcedo Auctions presents: “Jewels and Timepieces”

Collectors, are you ready?

Shoppingero/shoppingera, visit Salcedo Auctions now!

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