Unveiling Lace Lingerie, Shapewear, and the Magic of Invisible Panty Lines

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Picture this: amidst the hustle and bustle of shops, there it was – the Eiffel Tower of lingerie, a.k.a Etam Lingerie. It was like finding a French pastry in a sea of rice cakes. This Parisian maestro of lace and shapewear was practically doing a can-can to get my attention. With my curiosity yelling, “Plot twist!” I couldn’t help but waltz in, half-expecting berets and baguettes in the lingerie drawers. Welcome to luxurious world that is Etam Lingerie in the Philippines!

Stepping into Etam Lingerie was like taking a teleportation spell to the fashion kingdom of Paris. Every lace thread and fabric screamed elegance, making me wonder if I accidentally stumbled into a chic French daydream. As I sashayed through their collection, I was hit with a wave of surprise – intricate details, undeniable quality, and a fusion of style that felt like a fabulous fashion cocktail mixed with a shot of comfort. Best part? They’re now on SALE!

Amazing Lace

The lace lingerie collection was like a Parisian love letter to craftsmanship. Each piece was a tiny work of art, shouting, “Bonjour, I’m not your average lingerie!” From bras with more intricacies than a French novel to lace panties that were the epitome of sultry sophistication, Etam Lingerie had choices for every taste.

Tip: To preserve the delicate beauty of lace lingerie, consider handwashing it with a mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and opt for lukewarm water to maintain the fabric’s integrity. Additionally, use a lingerie laundry bag when machine washing on a gentle cycle to prevent snagging. Hang or lay flat to dry, and your lace lingerie will remain as beautiful as the day you brought it home!

Invisible Act

Step into the future of lingerie with Etam’s Pure Fit Collection – where microfiber meets magic! Crafted for the modern muse, these pieces redefine comfort and style. Made from the finest microfiber, they’re not just underwear; they’re a second skin. The best part? They play the ultimate disappearing act under any outfit, ensuring your fashion secrets stay safe. It’s like a style ninja for your wardrobe – sleek, invisible, and utterly essential.

NVPL (No Visible Panty Lines)

Enter the Invisibles range, and it was like witnessing a magic show. These pieces disappeared under clothes, leaving no evidence of their existence. It was like having a secret support system, and let’s be real, who doesn’t need that in their life? Seamless, feather-light, and practically a lingerie Houdini act – a definite must-have.

Say goodbye to visible lines and embrace the Etam Invisibles collection—a range of seamless panties with laser-cut edges that vanish beneath your favorite outfits. These lingerie wonders act like invisible agents, leaving no trace and ensuring your ensemble steals the spotlight, not your underwear. Conquer the day with confidence and style, as Etam Invisibles become your secret weapon for a flawless silhouette from every angle!

Etam PureFit ‘Hipster’

Etam PureFit ‘Shorty’

Etam PureFit ‘Culotte Midi’

Etam takes customer care to the next level with a cool touch – providing complimentary panty liners! It’s not just about hygiene; it’s a thoughtful way to ensure customers get the right size and try on underwear with confidence.


I’m thrilled with the Pure Fit bras from Etam! The Lightly LineD Bra is my new daily go-to for comfort with just the right support, and the Microfiber Push-Up is a game-changer, giving me a fantastic lift and shape. What’s even better? They carry A to D cups, making sure every woman can experience this perfect blend of comfort and style.

Etam PureFit ‘Lightly Lined’ Bra

Tip: Show your bras some love by giving them a break – rotate them like your favorite playlist! When it’s spa day for your lingerie, opt for a gentle handwash, because bras deserve a VIP treatment. Keep those hooks safe from a washing machine wrestling match, and air-dry them in a happy, bra-shaped hammock. Steer clear of fabric softeners (use distilled white vinegar instead); they’re like the villains trying to break up your bra’s elastic dream team. Your bras will thank you for the TLC and stay perky longer than your morning coffee!

Etam PureFit ‘Removeable Straps/Multiway’ Bra


Hold onto your croissants! The real star is their shapewear line. It wasn’t just about shaping – it was about sculpting with the grace of a ballet dancer. Etam turned shapewear into a performance art, and I was front row center, applauding their genius.

Shapewear is not just about hiding secrets; it’s about flaunting a sleek, sculpted you.

Now, meet the squad members – the Avengers of Shapewear, if you will:

  1. Tummy Taming Panties: They’re like the superheroes of the midsection, keeping everything in check for that smooth, toned look.
  2. Camisole Commandos: Slicing through bulges and muffin tops, these camisoles are the sleek generals leading the upper body revolution.
  3. Full Bodysuit Avengers: Offering 360-degree support, they’re the Tony Starks of shapewear, ensuring no area is left unsculpted.
  4. Thigh Slimming Superheroes: Taking on the lower body, they’re here to save the day, one thigh at a time.
  5. Shorts of Destiny: Perfect for dresses and skirts, these shorts are like the Gandalfs of shapewear, ensuring you shall not pass without a seamless finish.

Tip: Remember, when it comes to shapewear, size matters. Find your perfect fit, and let the shapewear squad transform your wardrobe into a comedy-free zone. Because when your clothes fit like a charm, you’re ready to conquer the world – one witty strut at a time!

Silk and Tell

Welcome to Etam Night Casuals – where bedtime gets a sexy makeover! These nighties redefine comfort with luxurious fabrics, chic styles, and subtle sexy details.

Slip into the night with Etam’s silky wonders. Comfort, chic, and a dash of flirtation – because who said bedtime couldn’t be a silky affair for you and your partner?

From cute minis to elegant maxis, each piece effortlessly blends comfort and sexiness. With breathable fabrics and intricate lace trims, Etam Night Casuals ensure you not only sleep like a dream but look absolutely dreamy too. Elevate your bedtime game with a touch of sexy sophistication!

Beyond the allure of the designs, it was the quality that made me want to give Etam Lingerie a high-five. Their materials felt luxurious, promising durability without sacrificing the soft touch needed for intimate apparel. It was like wearing a hug from a stylish cloud.

In a world where lingerie is often treated as a superficial affair, Etam Lingerie emerges as the superhero of comfort and confidence. It’s not just about undergarments; it’s a celebration of self-love and the joy of being as comfortable in your skin as you are in their lacey wonders. Etam, take a bow – you’ve earned it!

Etam stores: Glorietta, Greenbelt, SM Aura, Trinoma, SM North EDSA, and available online in Zalora.

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