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Have blog, will travel.

My second day in Shanghai was exciting as I was privileged to be one of the lifestyle and beauty media partners from Asia to embark on an exclusive press tour to Avon Discover Anew.

This was the first time that select journalists, writers, and bloggers have visited from the region the facility which coincided with the Anew line’s 20th anniversary.

Avon Shanghai, Day 2:

Thanks to Shanghai’s cold weather and Andaz hotel’s first class bedding, I slept like a baby. I woke up super early, refreshed and ready for my Avon Shanghai adventure!

I love the printed silk headboard! This is one of the best hotel beds I’ve slept in. The pillows and sheets mimic our “Marshmallow Palace” at home! Zzz…

6:30 am Breakfast at Andaz

Shanghai breaky = Xiao Long Bao

East meets West

(Photo taken using Instagram)

9:00 am Assembly at Andaz Lobby of our Avon R&D (Research & Development) Facility Shanghai tour

10:00am We arrived at the Avon R&D Facility

Avon’s First Green R&D Center

The Shanghai facility is Avon’s first R&D center built to green certification standards and is the newest building to be constructed under the company’s Green Building Promise, incorporating environmentally sound features that include:

  • High-efficiency water fixtures, which will reduce water consumption by 44%
  • Energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Waste recycling
  • An interior fit-out containing 31% recycled material
  • 87% of office equipment and appliances are Energy Star rated to reduce energy usage


Avon’s Green Building Promise is a global commitment to construct all major new Avon buildings according to stringent green standards, including local green building codes and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating SystemTM.

Clockwise: Avon’s R&D Facility building; the press was welcomed by the Group Vice President for Avon’s Global Research and Development Dr. Xiaochun Luo and Avon Shanghai R&D Head Dr. Zhi Lu, Chief Scientific Officer; our pink tour bus

The Avon R&D Facility is located in Jinqiao, the 40,000 square-foot stand-alone building spans six floors and incorporates many green principles. The facility houses scientists in the areas of product development, safety and quality testing, microbiology, chemical engineering and consumer research. The R&D Center focuses on developing beauty products, including skincare, personal care, color, and hair care products.

Clockwise: The press attendees were among the first who were able to walk through the exclusive facility. Among the floors which they were able to tour were the Processing, Skincare, Personal Care and Color Laboratories, which showcased the science and commitment that go into every Avon beauty product developed; Avon Shanghai R&D Head Dr. Zhi Lu; Chief Scientific Officer Group Vice President for Avon’s Global Research and Development Dr. Xiaochun Luo

One of Avon’s scientists showed us how effective the SPF protection of Anew Day Cream. He placed UV light on two different creams: a competitor’s day cream against Anew Day Cream — the result, Anew Day Cream had more UV protection than the leading brand’s cream.

Beauty meets technology at the Avon R&D Facility

Not your ordinary mixer. LOL! One of the scientists at the R&D Facility showed us how to mix ingredients to create Avon’s Day Cream.

The lab brats. We got to sample some of Avon’s classic products and new ones too.

At the Avon R&D lobby

Beauties and the blogger. At the Avon R&D faciility lobby with (L) Philippine Star’s Regina Belmonte and Anew ambassador, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez

The Discover Anew tour was a serious demonstration of the science behind every Avon product. “The Avon Shanghai R&D Facility is our source of pride in the Asia Pacific region. This infrastructure is a manifestation of Avon’s array of talent and technology committed to deliver only the best for women,” said Dr. Xiaochun Luo, Group Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Avon Global Research and Development during the press tour at the center. “We make sure that our products target the various skincare needs of women all over the world. For this specific R&D facility, we develop products that are specially made for Asian women,” Luo shared.

Clockwise: I love the Avon wall: “Believe” World Tour (2011); rose, a symbol of feminine beauty; Me and my Avon loot. I also got to sample a lot of their new product. 

(Photo taken using Instagram)

The journey gave me the rare chance to explore Avon’s Research & Development Center in Shanghai – the company’s biggest outside of the US – and witness how Avon stays true to its commitment of providing innovative beauty products to women.

Did you know? Avon markets to women in more than 100 countries through approximately 6.5 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives. Wow! That’s a lot of empowered, beautiful, and independent women that Avon helps!

Enchanting and empowered women: Avon Anew ambassadors, Soo Wincci and Lucy Torres-Gomez. Photo by Willy Saw

I will never forget Avon’s vision and mission statement: “This is the company that puts mascara on lashes and food on tables, that fights wrinkles with one hand and breast cancer with the other; that knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against domestic violence and for women’s financial independence. This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. The company that supports 6.5 million representatives in over 100 countries. This is Avon. The company that, for 125 years, has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism, and above all, for women.”

Powerful isn’t it? It gave me goosebumps after reading it and has inspired me in ways that I have yet to reveal to all of you… Soon.

Thank you Avon for inspiring and empowering women! Bravo! Kayo na!

Group shot

The Discover Anew media attendees with Avon outside the R&D Facility in Shanghai. Photo by Willy Saw

12:00 pm Lunch at Xian Qiang Fang Restaurant along Nanjing Road

Our hosts brought us to Xian Qiang Fang (by direct translation, Fresh Wall House) for lunch. According to our guide, it is one of the best restaurants that serves local traditional food in China.

Xian Qiang Fang is nestled in a six-storey architecture in European eclectic style of the 1900’s of Wing On Department Store. The interior is Art Deco with six-meter high ceiling and decorated space in Chinese and Western styles. Very contemporary of Shanghai in 1930s.

In Shanghai tradition, patrons are treated to a show, on selected days, of Chinese opera and Suzhou folk songs while food is cooked at the table over a bowl of hot rocks.

Xian Qiang Fang is a place to taste old Shanghai.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

1:00 pm Discover Shanghai. A free and easy afternoon for the gang (read: shopping!)

We had ample time to scope Nanjing Road (known to be the Paris of Shanghai) for leisure and some shopping! Woohoo!

Nanjing Road

(Photo taken using Instagram)

6:00 pm An Affair to Remember

The fashion:

I had a major fashion emergency on the night of the event — I accidentally left my evening dress at home. Aaack! I was trying it on in Aryanna’s room and accidentally left it in her bathroom!

Thank God I always pack the basics. When faced with a style 911, go menswear!

Cha Cha Chocolate clutch, Kate Spade; assorted jaguar bangles, F21; pumps, Yves Saint Laurent; lipstick, Avon; leather pants, Zara; blazer, Warehouse; white button down shirt, Gap

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Thanks @stylebible for this:


Lab brats by day, hot babes by night!

From left: Kim Reyes-Palanca, Mega Magazine Beauty Editor; Isha Andaya, Managing Editor; Trixie Reyna, Managing Editor. Photo by Willy Saw

From left: Cai Subijano, Philippine Star Lifestyle Columnist Philippine Star Supreme Assistant Editor; Stef Cabal, Look Magazine Editor-in-Chief. Photo by Willy Saw

From left: Regina Belmonte, Cosmopolitan Magazine Assistant Beauty Editor; Cindy Go, Preview Magazine Beauty Editor; Charmagne Laconico, Metro Magazine Beauty Editor. Photo by Willy Saw

Belles of the ball. Anew ambassadors, Lucy Torres-Gomez and Soo Wincci. Photo by Willy Saw

The event:

Guests were ushered inside the Andaz ballroom.

Dinner and drinks were served.

Anew event. Photo by Willy Saw

Finally, the reveal:

“Every time I talk about Anew, I’m always filled with pride because Anew is one of the most recognized anti-aging brands in the beauty industry. As a matter of fact, since it was introduced 20 years ago, Anew has been the number-one anti-aging brand for many, many years,” Dr. Luo says. On the brand’s 20th anniversary, they decided to launch the latest anti-aging innovation that has been 10 years in the making for Avon: Anew Genics.

BOOM! “As the pioneer in transformative, anti-aging breakthroughs since 1992, we are excited to introduce Anew Genics — another groundbreaking product that women will definitely be excited to try. Finally, every woman’s wish of getting their youthful looks back is no longer an impossibility,” shared Xiaochun Luo, Chief Scientific Officer and Group Vice President for Avon’s Global Research and Development. “Our international team of researchers and product developers invested 10 years in developing this product to make younger and re-energized skin accessible to women.” Photo by Willy Saw

The fountain of youth: Inspired by a research study from Italy revealing that some people can live longer and healthier because of an active youth gene, Avon scientists developed a formula that increases this gene’s activity inside the body. In turn, this boosts proteins to help skin looking up to 10 years younger and more revitalized. The youth gene also aids in repairing and protecting the DNA to ensure that skin cells are functioning at their best.

Found in Anew Genics is the YouthGen™ technology that unleashes the skin’s youth potential stimulating the youth gene. The effect? Dramatically younger-looking skin – up to 10 years! Based on a test conducted among users aged between 45 and 59, results proved that Anew Genics can soften expression lines instantly, reduce the appearance of wrinkles overnight and make skin visibly look younger and greatly revitalized in just 8 weeks.

Beauty and brains. Ms. Lucy Torres-Gomez with Dr. Xiaochun Luo. Lucy shared with us her Avon experience: “The first time I really felt grown-up was when I was about to use Sweet Honesty, which was (Avon’s) perfume and I think it’s a product that they still have up to this day. It’s still one of their best sellers. I grew up in the province where the culture is very homemade and hand-made and we didn’t have malls, we didn’t have shops. So every household knew of at least one Avon Lady — or a Tupperware Lady! — so we chose from catalogs. That was very much the culture back then and it’s nice to see that some things really haven’t changed.”

(Photo taken using Instagram)

The Year of the Dragon is all about transformation. It was fitting that in celebration of Avon Anew’s 20 years, the journey to one’s skincare transformation begins with Avon Anew Genics.

Joining the Anew ambassadors are: Avon Shanghai R&D Head Dr. Zhi Lu, Chief Scientific Officer and Group Vice President for Avon’s Global Research and Development Dr. Xiaochun Luo, APAC Communications Head Louie Migne, Philippines PR and Communications Head Faith Fernandez-Aranton, SEA Cluster Category Manager for Skincare Carla Enage-Cruz, and PR Managers from Malaysia and Taiwan Elaine Aisyah and Hui Chang.


Presenting… The new Avon Anew Genics!

(Photo taken using Instagram)

If you see me looking more “bagets” than ever, I attribute it to being alcohol-free, having a happy disposition in life, and regular facial treatments at Facial Care Centre. I’m also currently trying the Anew Genics… Ten years younger, right? So the next time you see me, I’ll be looking as young as Aryanna! Ka-age levelz lang. Haha!

Thank you Avon for making me part of your Shanghai tour! It has been a fun and insightful trip! #Alamnyoyan!

Special thanks to Ogilvy team for an organized, fun, and stress-free jaunt!

Peg: Eighties supermodel, Paulina Poriskova

The Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate is available through Avon Representatives nationwide for P1,799. Text AVON to 2929 or log on to

To find out how you can contact an Avon Representative text AVON to 2929 or log on to You may also connect with Avon through and on Twitter @AvonPH.

Shoppingera, try Avon Anew Genics now!

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  2. Hi Jenni!
    I loved reading your blog about our Avon press trip! Your photos are awesome! Thanks for taking a good photo of me too! I didn’t look that good with my camera..hahaha!
    It was fun spending time with you and the rest of the group in Shanghai! Your blog here made me relive every moment again!
    God bless! More power!

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