The Ultimate 28-Day Skin Care Challenge

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A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to transform my skin for only 28 days. I was gung-ho to do it but there was a catch! Only half of my face will be using the undisclosed products (which promises a healthy-looking and moisturized face). At first, I wasn’t sure but since I’m always up for a challenge plus, it would be interesting to see the actual difference on my face so I said GOW!

As soon as I agreed to the 20-day skin care challenge, I was sent a package with unbranded products. I got excited because I love a good secret! As directed, I used the products religiously for 28 days. What’s really amazing about the secret skin care is that the moment I applied it on half of my face, I could instantly feel my skin change from dry and dull to a moisturized face. And since I sleep with the air conditioner on, my face tends to feel rough but I woke up with one part of my face feeling smooth! It was a bittersweet experience because while I was happy that half of my face was felt smooth, the other half is felt well… sad, haha!

In just one week of using our the unbranded skin care,  there was a  difference on the smoothness of half of my face.

The next few weeks of treating one side of my face with the unbranded products, I could feel and see a difference on the texture of my skin. It feels smoother, supple and looks brighter! To be honest, I accidentally treated the other half of my face a few times out of habit! Oh well.

Overall, the more I used the products, the more I felt happy and satisfied with the result of half of my face. I just had to wade out 28 days so the other half of my untreated skin can finally catch up! It was really an eye-opener having to compare two sides of my face—it only shows how powerful the new, unbranded product was. Big difference. Huge!

Want to find out what the secret products are? Watch the video below:


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