The Secret To Getting Dressed Faster and Better

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Scenario: It’s Monday. You’ve hit the snooze button for an extra few minutes under the sheets. Result? Panic-dressing! Haaaaaaaaay!!

Problem: With only a few minutes to get ready for work or school run (me: the kids are going to be laaaaate!) how to look human? What to wear?

Solution: Find your uniform. Boom.


Paris Vogue squad in “uniformation”

Uniform dressing is just easy and a smart solution to dressing up quickly and stylishly. Below are some of the women on top of the fashion totem pole who make uniform dressing flawless and elegant.

U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour

Wintour is coming. A definite sign that uniform dressing is always in style.


Anna Wintour = Shift dress + Signature bob + Sunglasses

Emmanuelle Alt

The Paris Vogue editor-in-chief’s effortless style makes uniform dressing cool.


Emmanuelle Alt = Boyfriend style button-down shirt + Skinny jeans + Low-heel statement shoes

Runway meets school run. Emmanuelle and her daughter proves that style is in the jeans!

Runway meets school run. Emmanuelle and her daughter prove that style is in the jeans! 😉

Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Battaglia

Japan Vogue Editor-at-Large Anna Dello Russo and Contributing Fashion Editor to W Magazine, Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue Japan and Creative Director of Queen of the Night Giovanna Battaglia are legit cyber style icons. These two fashion nerds make uniform dressing sophisticated, polished with a playful and fun edge.


Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Bataligia = Statement everything!!

Jenna Lyons

The President and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew was not nicknamed the “Woman Who Dresses America” for nothing. Her uniform dressing has become the style guide of this multi billion-dollar retailer.


Jenna Lyons = V-neck or unbottoned shirt + Statement pants + Black specs

Personal style is what looks and feels good on you. Stick to your look. There is no shame in repeating clothes as long as you change up your accessories to keep it fresh.


Rain or shine. Black + Sunglasses + Statement shoes = My everyday attire

“Style is Consistency.”
– Adam Ant

With uniform dressing, there’s less stress in the morning and more time to sleep in.

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  1. Hi Jenni! You look great and your journey to being a healthier, happier and fitter person has been so inspiring. What advice or style tips can you give to ladies who are in a period of transition, aka those who have lost _lbs already and have loose clothing BUT still want to lose more? How one dress well with her current closet without buying new clothes for ever x number of lbs lost?

    I’m dying to buy myself new clothes to celebrate but I’m not yet at my goal weight and admittedly, I feel very shabby with my loose-fitting blouses, pants and dresses. 🙁

    Thanks in advance!

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