The Most Desirable Color of the Season: Pink

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“Any colour… so long as it’s PINK” – British Vogue, September 2013

The feminine and flattering palette offers a lovely spin on Fall’s trend: the new modern womanly allure — feminine but cool.

Commé des Garçon pink kaleidescope suit, British Vogue, September 2013

Go for the sexy secretary look!

Mohair, mo-pink! British Vogue, September 2013

Pretty in shocking pink!

Furry nice! British Vogue, September 2013

Inspirational flick: Funny Face

My all-time favorite movie!

Pink pioneer Quality magazine’s Maggie Prescott (played by Kay Thompson)

Maggie [calming them down]: Girls, girls, girls, girls… [Ripping off bits of pink material she has taken from the shelf, giving them to each secretary] Listen: take this to all the designers; I want dresses made up in exactly this shade of pink.
Babs: take this round to Kaiser Delmont, I want shoes and stockings in exactly this colour.
Laura: everything goes pink! I want the whole issue pink; I want the whole country pink!
Lettie: take an editorial: [dramatically] “To the women
of America…”—no, make it to the women everywhere: “banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige! From now on girls.. Think pink! Think pink!

Get the pretty (and cool, and sexy) look:

I put together a mood board of ensembles with touches of pink. Time to rock pink!

Style tips:

• If you don’t want the overtly feminine look of pink, choose only one piece of clothing or accessory in fuchsia or neon pink!

• Pink is a flattering color for any skin tone so it’s easy to incorporate it in your existing wardrobe.

• Go for pastel pinks to dusky damask hues. Choose what best suit your personality!

I leave you with my favorite scene from the movie Funny Face:


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