The Kitchen That Fashion Built

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As some of you may know, we had our kitchen renovated last December with the help of interior designer, Elle Uy. I knew about Elle through Twitter as some of my followers had recommended her.

After several DM’s, Elle and I met and gave her all my requirements including a very tight budget. I’m so happy with the results! Thanks Elle!

Ladies, gentlemen, and gays, presenting… “the kitchen that fashion built”!

The sink area.

Clever contraption to hide the fuse box and other electrical boxes, designed by Elle Uy.

I finally get to display some of my tea sets. I plan to move around my tea sets so that they all get some “showtime”! Haha!

This is the hallway from the service area to our kitchen. The white cabinet houses some of my plato-platuhan, and the tall metal rack beside it (not seen in photo) is where the most of my tableware is displayed.

That blank gray wall will have a photo gallery, but I have yet to give Elle the photos. Sorry, Elle, been so busy!

I’ve been collecting Alessi home accessories for more than 15 years. With the newly renovated kitchen, my collection looks amazing! I’m so happy I could finally display some of them!

From left: Alessi x Philip Stark Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer and Alessi King-Kong Round Basket

I love Alessi home accessories for their fun and functional style. They always put a smile on everyone’s face!

A di Alessi Gianni Spaghetti Holder and Alessi ‘Rigatone’ Spaghetti Jar (center)

Aryanna and I have been wanting a Kitchen Aid mixer for years! Tom finally gifted me a beautiful white one last Christmas. Baking at “Maison Epperson” will be major this year!

Looking for the perfect spice rack is not the easiest thing. Tom and I got lucky and found one that we both love!

Tom started an herb garden last year. Our patio is slowly becoming a jungle of fresh herbs! There’s nothing better than picking fresh herbs for our meals.

I got him this Alessi watering can for Christmas. It also doubles as a decorative piece for our kitchen.

Alessi “Diva” Watering can, designed by Eero Aarnio

I have a lot of silver trays and glassware that are in stow. I finally found some use for them.

I love chandeliers and ceiling medallions!

To see the before and after photos of our kitchen, visit Elle’s blog.

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