The Joys of Uniform Dressing

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With its origins as organizational dress, the uniform, a word in the fashion world that might be synonymous to a modern blah actually means consistent. So what’s all the bad press about it?

Busy women like us are in great need of a put-together look or looks that can help us consistently look good. A look (or a couple of looks) that one can wear without stressing about it and specially reserved for “those” days. For now, let’s call it a uniform.

Uniform dressing is applying an outfit formula to your ensembles. The key is putting together a uniform that will look good on you.

Here are two of my new go-to attires:

Flared and flirty skirts
Tight on the hips and ruffly on the bottom, this style balances the hips. Worn with a simple tee or a sweater or a blazer, the look is convertible to whatever situation you’re in.

Sweater + Flared flirty skirt + Chain necklace + Pointy pumps

Taken during the Murakami x Shu Uemura event at Lexus showroom with Preview’s Editor-in-Chief Pauline Juan (left), and L’Oreal’s Brand Communications Manager Mae Dichupa.

Photo taken using Instagram

T-shirt + Flared flirty skirt + Coral necklace + Red bag + Statement shoes

What I wore during the Sangobion forum at Makati Shangri-la.

Photo taken using Instagram

Sweater + Flared flirty skirt + Shoulder bag + Pointy pumps

My date night outfit with Tom during our staycation at Hotel Celeste.

Photo taken using Instagram

I bought my flared, flirty skirts at Zara.

Fun fitness attires
I love wearing workout clothes! Aside from being motivational, wearing them around the house remind me to workout. Inspire yourself – buy nice workout outfits that will give you that extra push you need!

I shop for interesting pieces to keep my workout look more ‘spicy’ than sporty.

Blouson style ClimaLite top – this style is great for those who are still working on their tummy and don’t want to wear a clingy or cropped top to the gym. Adidas developed the ClimaLite fabric and it’s light and conducive for heavy sweating (Ew.)

Photo taken using Instagram

Sling phone case – This was a gift from CrownedVelvet (Instagram shop). The chain makes it hands-free style!

Photo taken using Instagram

Tennis skirt – I don’t play tennis but I’ve always liked the outfits! Fila has a lot of cute tennis outfits! I use them for power walking and when doing Kinesis Training in Lifescience. Care bears!

Photo taken using Instagram

If you’re wondering about my pose, it’s my “exercise rocks” stance! Try it! It’s fun! Then post a photo of you and tag me on Twitter or Instagram, @jenniepperson!

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