The Importance of Tea Time

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Tea time is part of the British, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese cultures however, because of the proven health benefits of tea drinking more and more people around the world (Filipinos too) are embracing this social event.

Aryanna and I have been having our mother and daughter tea time for many years now. We usually go to tea houses or tea salons and sometimes we have afternoon tea at home. To be honest, I prefer coffee but I’ve learned how to appreciate drinking tea and I love spending quality time with my daughter. Tea rituals and manners allow us to take time and appreciate each others company while sipping tea and eating sweet treats!

My husband whose family is part Irish grew-up having afternoon teas with his grandparents. So cool.

Afternoon tea has become an important part of my day as it allows me to take a strategic pause and relax.

Why I love tea time:

• Drinking tea in solidarity can also be good for the soul. I like waking up early and have my morning tea while reading a book or a magazine. It’s a great way to have Me-time!

• Organizing an afternoon tea is a fab way to catch-up with friends and relatives.

• You can have tea anytime, anywhere!

• It’s more affordable to throw a tea party than a cocktail party. You can even have a tea and dessert potluck so everyone can participate and at the same time keep the costs down.

• I get to use my teacups! Some of my tea sets were passed down by my mom and grandmother and some were gifts by friends and family. One day, I hope to pass down some of my collection to my daughter and to the next generation. In the future, I’d love to have tea time together with my children and grandchildren. Ang saya!

Here’s an interesting article I read on EatThis! regarding a recent study on tea preparation:

“Why You Should Be Microwaving Your Tea” By Dana Leigh Smith:

Sipping the beverage regularly can fry stubborn belly chub and even fight off disease. There aren’t many other drinks that can work wonders like that! But if you want to reap the better-body benefits, brewing a cup however you please just won’t do—and following the tea manufacturers’ brewing instructions isn’t much better. You miss out on some health-promoting, flab-frying catechins inside the tea bag if you follow the instructions on the box, according to findings published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis.

After carrying out a series of preparation scenarios in a lab, the researchers found that using a microwave as part of the extraction method improved the amount of catechins in your cup by nearly 20 percent. It also slightly boosted the extraction of caffeine. To reap the nutritional benefits at home, follow the researchers’ scientifically-backed brewing method: Put your tea bag into a cup of boiling water for 30 seconds, then, keeping the tea bag in the water, zap your cup in the microwave for one minute before enjoying. Who would have thought something so simple could have such a powerful impact?!

Happy tea time!

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      Any chamomile tea bags from the grocery is OK. I like the brand Traditional Medicines from Healthy Options.


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