The Gadgets’ New Clothes

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I say when you have the opportunity to accessorize, go for it because when it comes to style, it’s all in the details.


Fashion is a serious business and everyone who loves it should seriously have fun with it!

Learn from Preview girls, Pauline Juan and Daryl Chang on how to have fun playing dress-up with your phone:

Spotted at an event: Girls just want to have fun! Daryl’s (bunny ears charm) and Pauline (green pompom charm) pimped up iPhones

Here are some of my favorite iPhone covers from Case•Mate:


(Photo taken using Instagram)

Adopt them now!

No need to buy separate charms for your phone, some of Case•Mates’ phone covers have built-in charms already.

For the kids and kids-at-heart

Mummy and monsters

A little bit of bling never hurt anyone

Birds of paradise

Dylan: “Watchu doin’, mom?”
Me: “Taking pictures, dahling.”
Dylan: “Borrow phone?”
Me: “Just a minute. Mom has to take a photo first.
Dylan: “Borrow…”
Mom: Wait! Don’t touch it. OK?
Dylan: “OK mom!”

Sabi ko na, don’t touch it, eh. Haay Dylaaaaan!

Dear Case•Mate,

Can I have one of these phone cover organizers? I so want one!



There’s a Case•Mate cover for every mobile phones.

Case•Mate iPad leather covers (doubles as stand too)

I love the prints!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, grab your Case•Mate phone cover-ups now!

Case•Mate is available at all Power Mac Center, A-Shop, and iTech stores

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