Thanksgiving Prep + A Modern Guide to Etiquette For a Civilized Dinner

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Tom and I are not entertaining guests this Thanksgiving because Maison Epperson is still on renovation mode—we have to repaint the ceiling of our dining area (a portion in the ceiling cracked when we installed the new pendant lights, haaaaaay!) and we don’t have proper dining chairs yet. Our family room which is also the entertaining area is also bare. We need a couch, coffee table, cocktail tables and more chairs (it seem like we are having a chair shortage problem haha!), you get the picture.

However, since the Epperson’s half American and Thanksgiving is one of our favorite occasions we are celebrating it with family—the ones who don’t mind sitting on plastic stools and lying on the banig while watching the Classics on TV. Love them! With or without chairs, tuloy ang Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Prep + A Modern Guide to Etiquette For a Civilized Dinner

Hello! Welcome guests and family with a smile and signage. We love our DIY black board in our kitchen. My family takes turns in doing our own art or we collaborate just like this Thanksgiving art entitled: “Turkey on our minds” LOL

Aryanna illustrated the rainbow ombré girl while Tom drew the hat turkey (so cute!) and I wrote the text. Dylan will vandalize it haha!

No scented candles! Roasting turkey and stuffing should be the only aromas. I only use unscented candles for the dining table.

Clean, tidy, clean again. Just because you’re entertaining family doesn’t mean you can leave the clutter unattended. Pay extra attention to your bathrooms, which should be well stocked and absolutely spotless.

Plato-platuhan. Set the table in style. My mantra: keep it simple yet special. If you know me, I live for this!! LOL

Skip the flowers. Get creative and decorate the table with seasonal finds from the garden (or weekend markets). Twigs, pinecones, gourds, leaves: anything autumnal, unscented, and low enough to allow sight lines across the table.


Dylan put. The pumpkin. Down.

We could all brush up on some table manners.

No mobile phones on the table. Well at least after we all take photos of the table setting and food (my family understands it). When it comes to meal time, no phones, just good conversations.

Don’t eat your words.

Conversation should flow while avoiding the twin sins of offense and banality.

Thank yous. Thanksgiving deserves a little pomp and ceremony. Every year, my family prepares something to say at the start of the meal: grace and a toast for a blessed life.

I love that Filipinos have also embraced Thanksgiving despite it being an American tradition. What better time to give thanks than by celebrating it with family, friends and a big turkey!

Tom is going to cook the turkey while I’m taking care of the stuffing this year (Oh gaaad! This is the first time I’m cooking it. I hope it turns out good!) and my signature mashed potatoes with sour cream, butter and cheese! YUM! I can’t wait to goble, goble!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


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