Thank You My Dear Readers & ‘Followers’

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Welcome to my new and improved website!

It’s that time of the year again when my team, graphic designer Mia de Lara of Mobu Days and web analyst Dart Tiglao get crazy with all my ideas! Haha! We have been tweaking the design of my blog for the past few months and analyzing how to make it better and easier for all of you! The result is a cleaner, simpler and more fun design! Have you seen my category icons? So cute! I lav et!!!

I like the addition of black color combined with the pastels. It’s more ‘me’. We’ve added a ‘Shop’ icon on my homepage too! You can now shop my fashion and home collection for The Ramp Crossings, my book and other collaborations I’m working on with just a click of a button. I might do a ‘Shop Jenni’s Closet’ too. Let’s see.

I also made sure that my you have your own space here on my site. Check out the fab ‘Amazing Readers’ button on the homepage! Yes, that icon is dedicated to all of you!!! VIP levelz kayo sa blog ko!

What better way to re-launch my new site than a blog post on my Amazing Readers and Twitter and Instagram followers!

Thank you @cintaken for tagging me on Instagram with all the tablescape stylings you’ve created using my collection for The Ramp Crossings! Orange you glad?!!

Stylish girls shop my collection! Thank you @nicole_ortega! I’m overjoyed that you also bought stuff for @popsfernandez! Love you, Pops!

@cesdrillon was one of the first ones to shop for my collection for The Ramp Crossings. I’m head over heels! Thanks, Ces!

Your account name speaks volume of your personality @_leisurely_! I must say that shopping is truly one way of relieving stress! Thanks for shopping my collection!

Mabuhay @coleenp of L.A.! I’m so glad your family loved my recipe!

Check out my chic reader @coleenp with her kids! Loving the Hermés Evelyne bag on you! So cool!

You are love @cintaikaren!

Enjoy @jackeelim! Glad you got your copy of my book!

What can I say, @anapecson, coffee and me are the best combo, any time, anywhere? Haha!

Ikaw na ang shoppingero, @ronnicc! Terno na ang tea set natin! Cheers!

Keep cooking, @patricialovess! More recipes to come!

Chia seeds with egg? Why not? Keep reading, @binibiningpili!

Glad you like my recipe, @sunshianne!

I always get kilig whenever my readers cook my recipe and their family loves it too! Try my other recipes too, @lorena5819!

Wow @rizaballs! Your photos are similar to my IG photos! Lave et!!!

I love Mushroom Salpicao! So glad @iAmKristineC likes it too!

You look HOTTT @kakyhere! My ‘Naomi’ glad look fierce on you!

Aww… What an honor when my readers try my looks! So cool @kaijagape!

OMG! I remember this post! Agad-agad outfitey from pretty @yanquinones! Kambal!

I so love it when readers copy my recipe! I should really work on an App for my blog. Thanks, @prettiest!

The fiercest of them all shops my collection too! Thanks to my love @fiercedong! He’s one of my supporters from day one!

Thank you to everyone who tagged me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! I read them all! I will post more of your photos and letters soonest!

Keep on reading my blog!

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