Thank You, Dear Readers!

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Thank you to everyone who answered my survey and registered in my blog! I know that the process was a bit frustrating for some and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Your efforts will not go to waste and expect exciting things to happen!

After more than 8 years of blogging, it was time to conduct a survey to find out the demographics of my readers and answer specific and important questions I had. The results uncovered the answers and feedback that are valuable to the future of my website.

Thank you

Your answers (the results of the survey are unique to my blog) will help me improve in creating content for my blog and at the same time strengthen the other categories.

Here’s a screen cap of one of the results in my survey. Information like this is worth gold to me. I’m forever grateful!

Thanks and congratulations also to my team (Dart and John) for continuously pushing the envelope (and indulging me in some of my crazy ideas) when it comes to the technical aspect of this site!

My blog is now back to public browsing mode. Enjoy!


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  1. the survey you did is fun to me and didn’t cause any inconvenience in my part! I’m glad I was able to reflect on myself what I really like while answering the survey. Congrats Ms. Jenni! I really enjoy every post you make. It just make sense to me. Super!!!

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  2. Hi Jenni!
    My hubby and I migrated here in Canada 15 years ago. And being so far away from my motherland, reading your blog brings me closer to home. Great blog you have here Jenni! God bless you and your beautiful family.
    Mei Ann

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