Team JENNIration: Luto-Lutuan Portion

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I get giddy every time my blog readers post food shots/links that they made inspired by my recipes on Twitter!

Thank you so much for tagging me on Twitter and for all your emails! Please keep them coming so I could blog about them. Your food shots and other photos deserve the best place on my website!

Empowered cooks:

Dear @ClarReal,

Good job on the Argentina Corned Beef Pepper Rice! Kakagutom!

I love that you got creative too on the presentation! Kung walang molding pan, gumawa ng balon! Haha!

Hi Kristine!

The Argentina Corned Beef Mash Patties you made looks better than the one I made! Kumpetensiya!

I hope your office mates loved what you coked. At kung hindi, wag mo na silang dalhan ulit! Haha! Just kidding, sharing is caring!

Dearest @LyStyleProject,

Thanks for the photo! I read your blog:

Beef Bourguignon ala Jenni Epperson!
I’ve been searching for some recipes for beef online then suddenly I thought of Jenni Epperson (award-winning blogger and writer). She has quite a lot of recipes to choose from but her Beef Bourguignon caught my full attention. Oh by the way, try to visit her blog! For sure matatakam at magugutom kaaa! 🙂
So, here’s my version of Jenni’s Beef Bourguignon! 🙂
Sorry for my poor plating and I also don’t have a talent for taking good pictures. Anyways, I used sliced onions instead of pearl onions because it’s not available in the market, same with the mushrooms because I used canned. Originally, Jenni’s Beef doesn’t have croutons, pero optional naman. 🙂
For recipe(s), visit her blog:
Hope you like it! Bon Appetit!

I thought your plating was very good! I love na may choreography ang mga sahog! Aaaat may croutons pa na naganap! Parang salad lang. Hehe!

Hi “Katey” from Qatar!

Worldwide levelz talaga ang Team JENNIration! Mabuhay Qatar!

Katey blogged:

Jenni Epperson ang Peg

“If you read my earlier post, we need to travel to Souq just to buy Filipino products. And the hassle does not stop there. Believe me…
Let me give you a short background on how I come to know the product. It is because of Ms. Jenni Epperson. I can’t remember how I discover her blog, but what I do know is I admire her. To prove my admiration, I asked my sister to buy me Jenni Epperson Fashion + Food. I was almost begging her to buy me one. Good thing my friend was on vacation so my sister met up with her to give me my “Christmas/Birthday” gift…
Scenario while cooking:
Kate humming…
Friend: Sure ka bang masarap yan? Baka naman hype lang yan sa Pinas.
Kate with a proud voice: For sure masarap to. Di mag eendorse si Jenni Epperson kung di masarap. FANATIC!!!

I’m so happy na umaabot sa Qatar ang Century Tuna products! A for ayffort ka! I’m glad your friend also gifted you my book—she’s a keeper! Thanks “friend”!

Doctors love my recipes too!

Thanks Doc Harry for this photo! Keep on cooking and I hope you never get sick (no pun intended) of my recipes!

Wow @patricialovess!

Your food looks delish! I hope you had a fun and meaningful Independence Day! Kitang-kita sa luto-lutuan mo na very independent ka rin sa kusina!

Hi @IAmKristineC!

Palong-palo talaga ‘tong Mushroom Salpicao recipe ko.

Thanks for the photo! Excuse me, I need to cook this again.

Ayan! Sabi ko na, talagang popular etong recipe na ‘to, na-Pinterest pa ang photo ko ng Mushroom Salpicao!

Thanks Pearl for crediting my website! Mwah!

Wow! Blast from the past etong Century Chili Corned Tuna Ouffes En Cocotte recipe na ‘to! Here’s the recipe from my previous blog, click here.

Thanks @rcgtoc! You may want to try using Argentina Corned Beef too for this egg dish. Mmm…

Hello @Mom-Friday!

Your food shot makes me want to cook this pasta again!

I love caviarrr! I’m glad you liked my recipe too! Bet mo na rin ba ang caviar?

Again, thanks so much for all the food shots! Ang gagaling n’yo ng cooks! Todo n’yo lang ang effort sa kusina mas sasarap pa ang foodam n’yo!

Keep your photos coming and tag me on Twitter or Instagram or email them to me at!

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