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Tea time was a time honored tradition shared by women for the sole purpose of bonding. No matter how busy the women were, they always managed to slow down long enough to share a warm cup of tea and talk about love and life.

For my daughter Aryanna and I, tea time is a way for us to reconnect, slow down and have fun. It’s also a great way to teach children (and sometimes adults too) on proper table manners and etiquette.

For years, Aryanna and I have been having our mom and daughter “Tea Time”. Check out some of our previous escapades: To read, click here and here.

Our first ever High Tea was at Makati Shangri-la. Aryanna was only 13 years old then.

This was during one of our few bonding sessions at Marriott Manila Hotel

Chic and chikahan at Daude

Aryanna and I are very happy that TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, is finally in Manila! Our mom and daughter tea time just got better!

I was invited to have tea a few days ago with the TWG Tea principals. I met TWG Tea’s PR Manager Louise Benzrihem and I learned about company’s history and got some useful tea tips too.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

(Photo taken using Instagram)

What is TWG Tea? TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, was established in Singapore in celebration of the island’s great history as a trading post for fine teas. TWG Tea, which stands for The Wellness Group, is an institution incorporating an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail boutiques and exquisite tea rooms.

Since launching in 2007, Singapore-based TWG Tea has established itself internationally as a celebrated tea company with the largest collection of teas in the world, sourced directly and exclusively from the world’s most renowned tea plantations.

Welcome to TWG Tea, Greenbelt 5!

The first TWG Tea location in Philippines at premier shopping destination Greenbelt mall is an elegant 128 sqm salon & boutique and an invitation to step into a world of grandeur, with hand crafted glass walls, bronze fittings, Italian marble floors, crystal lamps and antique mirrors.

A nostalgic celebration of the voyage of the tea clippers, this timelessly chic wood-panelled TWG Tea Boutique, spiced with brass weighing scales and hard wood tea counters is sure to carry customers away on a journey of sensations.

The intimate Tea Salon, with its signature rattan-backed black velvet chairs and crisp white table linens, recall Singapore’s early days as a trading port.


Signature tea cups and flatware.

Tea Time is suppose to be our mom and daughter bonding time but my husband insisted that having him around would make our bonding time more fun. In other words, merong nainggit! Haha!

Anyway, he’s right. The three of us always have fun when we’re out. Wait till my dahling Dylan grows up, the four of us will be a riot! Goodbye “slow down” sesh!

What to order?

My family and I decided to do tea pairings with our meals. The staff of TWG Tea are knowledgeable about their products and they also helped us in choosing our own teas.

Mmm… Smelling different teas was a delightful experience we all enjoyed. It’s like sipping wine and pairing it with different dishes without being tipsy. Haha!


Tom and Aryanna both ordered the Brunch Set while I had ala carte:


Tea Jelly (not jam) and clotted cream


Each of us got our own teapot.
TWG’s special pots keep the tea warm. TWG Tea’s signature teapot is made from porcelain and has a gold plated tea warmer. I wanted this teapot but it cost P22K! NKKLK

Did you know? TWG Tea Preparation To the enchantment of amateurs, TWG Tea innovators have hand-blended Yin Zhen, or ‘silver needles’, the world’s rarest and finest variety of white tea, with a melange of wonderful fruits, flowers and spices to delight and tantalize the senses of tea-drinkers in the Philippines resulting in the marvelous White Earl Grey, a subtle combination of mythical bergamot – light, suave and refreshing – and leaves of imperial silver needles that lend sensuality and crystalline purity to this elegantly original white tea. TWG Tea recommends infusing these unique blends for 15 minutes in water heated to 70°C.

TWG Tea’s Rules for Preparing Tea

Tea is the reflection of every culture and civilization; its essence must always be respected, yet it must be adapted to local tastes. Everything must be taken into account to get the best out of tea: climate, water, atmosphere, and the sensitivity of a given nation to flavors and accompanying dishes. The required amount of tea, water temperature and steeping time varies with each tea and our in-house tea advisors or packaging provides clear brewing instructions. It is important, in a tea salon, to monitor these aspects tea by tea and, in this manner, customers are certain to enjoy the finest tasting experience.

1. Pre-heat the teapot after inserting the tea filter by rinsing it with boiling water.
2. Place the required amount of tea in the warm filter and let it stand for a few moments, allowing the steam to begin developing the leaves’ aroma.
3. Pour water of optimum temperature on the tea so that all the leaves are covered to achieve the best results.
4. Let the tea steep for the recommended number of minutes.
5. It is then essential to remove the filter containing the leaves, so that the delicate flavor remains consistent from the first cup to the last. The tea must then be stirred and finally, poured into fine bone china teacups.
Teas from great estates should not be drunk too hot; let them stand a few moments after steeping, so that the palate can better appreciate their subtle fragrance.

Let’s brunch!

All of the food served in TWG Tea are tea-infused

Tom’s choice: Aviator Brunch Set

Aviator Salad, salad of pan-seared chicken supreme, Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, fresh parmesan shavings topped with a poached egg and a touch of seaweed tossed in a light spiced sauce infused with Comptoir des Indes Tea

Aryanna’s brunch set: Ambassador

Braised beef ragout served with Burgundy red wine sauce with shallots and bouquet garnish accompanied with steamed potatoes and baby carrots.

My indulgence:

All three of us shared the Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict, homemade toasted English corn flake muffins topped with two poached farmhouse eggs served with creamy hollandaise sauce and a choice of smoked salmon or smoked turkey ham.

No sharing allowed. All mine. Haha!

Wagyu Burger,  grilled Wagyu beef burger with lettuce, tomato and Emmental cheese topped with horseradish mayonnaise and served on a homemade bun, accompanied by matchstick potatoes and mesclun salad tossed in an 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette.

This Wagyu Burger is TDF! Definitely my favorite!

Dessert time

Sorry, but I was too full to remember the names of these cakes!

Chocolate cake with coconut chuchu

A Singaporean specialty cake with strawberries

“Tea” Eppersons

(Photo taken using Instagram)

TWG Tea has developed a Tea Salon & Boutique concept — the half part of the area is the tea lounge and the other half is where you can buy all the TWG Tea merchandise.

Time to shop at the TWG Tea Boutique!

TWG Tea tidbit:

Tea offerings include unique harvests from the most prestigious gardens and renowned tea blends, prepared behind the bar according to TWG Tea’s exact specifications and meticulously served in signature TWG Tea Design Teapots & French Teapots, or iced in tall crystal stemware.

Wake up and smell the tea

Tea leaves can be purchased by the gram

Shoppingero and shoppingera

Committed to offering teas directly from source gardens, TWG Tea’s collection is the largest in the world, with fine harvests from every tea producing country and exclusive hand crafted tea blends. TWG Tea also offers exquisite signature modern tea accessories and delicate tea-infused sweets and savouries.

The golden brew

The most expensive tea at TWG Tea is with 24K gold flex, it’s P3,000+ per pot! Ano kaya ang lasa?

The merchandise:

Brightly colored, whimsical packaged teas are aplenty, such as the Haute Couture Tea collection which features unique tea blends handcrafted by TWG Tea innovators according to the flavours of the season and packaged in designer hues that reflect the latest catwalk trends. Collection includes signature 1837 Black Tea and world favourite Silver Moon Tea, a blend of green teas accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet.

For Obama

Gift ideas for those “who have everything”

Special Christmas blends perfect for the holidays

Must try: Tea Jelly and macarons

Elegant tea tins, a myriad of hand-blown glass, porcelain, stoneware and cast iron teapots, fine bone china teacups, saucers, creamers and sugar bowls, as well as tea filters and tea scoops of all varieties can be found in the TWG Tea accessory collection.

The most expensive tea pots and tea sets are unreachable, literally! Ang taas lang ng shelves! LOL

Add to cart: TWG Tea’s scented candle collection

Special thanks to Ms. Lucille Tolentino, TWG Tea’s Head of Marketing for accommodating the Eppersons! We’re looking forward to the opening of TWG Tea in Resorts World! I heard it’s going to be a huge tea salon!

TWG Tea’s Marketing Officer Kashmir Ong and Aryanna


Fortune Afternoon Tea Set

Chic Tea Set

TWG Tea wall and rows of signature yellow artisan tea tins filled with more than 450 of the most celebrated fine harvest teas and exclusive tea blends in the world, all of which may be purchased by weight from 50 grams in sachets or perfectly accessorized in one of TWG Tea’s 45 bespoke tea tins.

TWG Tea wall

On my wish list:


Shopping at TWG Tea is inevitable. I mean, the packaging and the quality of their products are topnotch. All I can say is, you’ve been warned. LOL

The “damage” has been done:

As you can see, wala akong patawad! Haha!

I got some nice accessories to add to Aryanna’s room makeover: (clockwise) Caviar Tin of Chocolate Earl Grey Tea, Tea Jelly 1837, Christmas Lights Tea, Tea Party Candle, assorted macarons. TWG Tea bespoke tin, TWG Signature Tea Cup and Saucer

Aryanna is still in the process of redecorating her room. So far, here’s how my daughter set-up the stuff I bought for her room:

The pink TWG Tea bespoke tin is a chic storage for knick-knacks.

More on Aryanna’s room makeover soon! We’re still looking for a couple of furniture for her room. Tune in!

I hope everyone gets a chance to slow down and “smell the tea” this week. I know that the “ber” months could get crazy but a few bonding moments with your loved ones and some “me-time” will help you survive the daily grind.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, visit TWG Tea at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5 now!

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique
Level 1, Greenbelt 5
Legaspi Village, Makati
Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Monday to Thursday); 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Friday to Saturday); 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Sunday)

TWG Teas are available in Singapore, Australia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turks & Caicos, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vietnam. European online orders can be made at www.Harrods.com; online orders within the USA can be made at www.DeanDeluca.com; worldwide online orders can be made directly from TWG Tea at www.TWGTea.com.

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  1. Hi,may I know their flavors (of Tea) and prices as well. Never tried buying, but once a friend gave some to me, cause she knows that I’m fond with tea.

  2. I am from San Francisco, CA.,& I tried your TWG tea salon with my best friend Conchita Bautista I was very impressed !! Fdood was awesome. I would recommend everybody
    to join me to relax and spend tea time in TWG !!!

  3. Hi Jenny! I found your TWG experience very interesting and will try very soon since it is near in our office…in fact i have also seen this featured in Cory Quirino’s show.
    Anyway, how much is the small bespoke tin? Thank you…

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