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In today’s busy and hyperactive lifestyle, the ultimate luxury is free time.

I’m always grateful for the work that comes my way and for having a thriving business. Being busy though can sometimes mean working long hours. I make sure that I use my free time wisely. I balance it between spending time with my family, friends and some “me time” too. It’s not always easy but, with some effort, it’s doable.

I had half a day-off last week so I thought I’d spend some quality time with my daughter Aryanna. One of our bonding sessions is having tea. It all started when she was 11 years old. We were invited to a tea party and since then, we try to have tea time whenever we can. Sometimes we have it at home, at a restaurant, cafe, or at a hotel lobby. Wherever it is, we always have fun sipping tea and just talking.

Some of you may remember the first “Tea Time” that I posted on my previous blog.

This was taken two years ago. It was the first time I blogged about our Tea Time. To those who have been reading my blog from day one would remember this.

This time, we decided to try a new place. Manila Marriott Hotel has a lovely lounge area that overlooks a sprawling garden. I thought it would be a nice place to have afternoon tea and catch up with my daughter.

Aryanna and I went all out this time. We ordered chocolate fondue, tea sandwiches, baby burgers, mini cakes and pastries, and of course, some tea! Very, very “Happy fiesta” lang ang peg! 

(Photo taken using Instagram)

The fashion:

Whenever we have tea out, we dress up for it just because it’s fun!

Aryanna: Tea time ready

Me: Tea PARTY ready!

Glitters in the afternoon talaga? Haha!

The venue:

Manila Marriott Hotel, Resorts World

Me: Hmm… masama ang tingin…

Aryanna: SAVE! The mini strawberry cheesecakes are mine!

The tea:

Our favorite chamomile tea. It goes with everything!

The foodam:

Tower of goodness

Yummy mini cakes and pastries

Mini burgers and grilled vegetables with ricotta cheese bruschetta

Aryanna: “The raising of one’s pinky is mandatory when holding your teacup.”

Mom and daughter bonding time.

Like what I wrote before, having afternoon tea with your daughter is a great way to connect, to teach them about proper table manners, and afternoon tea etiquette.

While having tea at the lobby, we bumped into some of Manila Marriott’s super friendly (and funny) peeps:

If you happen to spot Executive Chef Meik Brammer in the hotel, be sure to have you photo taken with him! He’s one of the most charming chefs I know.

From left: Love the dice-like marmalade caddy; Aryanna with Chef Meik and his signature pose. Haha!

From left: Director of Communications Michelle Garcia and her assistant, Savannah Santiago

Hola Mitchy!

Hope you got to spend some quality time with your loved ones this Easter.


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  1. Hi Jenni, your “tea time” is a welcome respite to the usual mom-daughter dates. Hope I can try this next weekend with my mom.

    May I know what the budget is for the Marriott afternoon splurge? (I think I will end up drinking all the tea and my mom will eat all the cakes haha – divide and conquer).


  2. When my mom was still here in the Philippines (she’s now in Canada), we’d do the usual shopping bonding time and LAMON time… I repeat LAMON. Hahaha.. This tea time is so cute!

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  3. This is just lovely. This makaes me even more excited about taking my daughter to The Plaza for afternoon tea at their Palm Court for her 6th birthday. So Eloise! They even have an Eloise menu for little girls. I’m sure Aryanna would love that. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this and the two of your are truly beautiful.

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