Tea Time: Cool Teas

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I’m a sucker for lovely packaging. When I see something pretty on the shelves, I want it on my shelves. Aminin! Anyone who is a true shoppingero/shoppingera has this tendency!

And who can resist, really? When creativity and beauty is in the packaging, it brings out the same in the person who bought it! Especially in food and drinks! Check out these super kyoot boxes of “Naturally Caffeine Free Tea” by Marks & Spencer!

DESIGNED BY STUART KOLAKOVIC. A series of artworks commissioned by Marks&Spencer for a new range of “Naturally Caffeine Free Tea” boxes

This adorable packaging artwork is by Stuart Kolakovic. He is a 20-something year old cool cat who goes around Manchester in a skateboard and believes in the power of comics. Combining his drawing with words, he says it’s like having your own film crew, with limitless movies to make! Aryanna does the same with her blog, and I agree it really is entertaining!

Busy year = “Reviving” tea

Remember my New Year’s Resolution list? I’m going to add “Drink more tea” to it, and this is a perfect way to do it! There are so many health benefits from drinking tea, and if you can combine it with channeling your inner artist, then you have yourself a winner! Also, as some of you may know, Aryanna and I have Tea Time. More tea = more tea time = more bonding time with my daughter… plus it’s a good excuse to use my tea sets more often too!

Follow the 3 easy steps to make the perfect cup of tea!

TIP: Check the expiration date on the box. I got a box that expires on Oct.’11. If you’re hoarding like I am, best to get those with a longer expiration date.

All these perks and it’s pretty too!

TEA TIME. The best part of having tea is the goodies that go with it! Mini Almond Cookies from Muji!

Shoppingero / shoppingera, it’s time for tea!

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  1. I love the packaging on those teas (and your lovely tea service as well- very English!) but have you tried puerh tea? I used to be a coffee drinker until I discovered this Chinese dark tea from Yunnan. This is caffeine free and mild tasting (the aroma and taste remind me of “sago and gulaman”). It comes in bricks and you only need a pinch to make several cups. And because it is aged, the older the tea, the more expensive it becomes. 🙂

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