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It’s been a tradition for our family to stay home during Holy Week. In fact, we make sure that we don’t make any plans during Easter because in my opinion, it’s the best time to be in the city — it’s like a virtual ghost town!

After working/shooting non-stop for the last few months, I thought I’d take advantage of this vacation and enjoy my free time and chill out…sort of.

Here’s what I have in mind:

Like what I mentioned in my H2 Diet entry, if I had the time and energy, I would exercise. I’m not busy this Holy Week, so I will jog/brisk walk in the park, play volleyball with Aryanna, and walk around the village with Tom and Dylan.

I also got myself some new exercise gear to motivate me…I hope. Haha!

I narrowed down my reading materials so that I can actually finish a book or two.

Classics and foreign films inspire me so much. This week, it’s one of my goals to immerse myself in fantasy. Life is beautiful that way.

Life too is all about balance so I need to do some “sacrifices”: I’m so behind with my paperworks! Any stylist can relate to this problem — liquidation is tedious. Doing this is a big “sacrifice” for me! LOL

Blog. Check.

Say a little prayer.

Have a meaningful Easter everyone!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what’s your plan this Holy Week?

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