Smells Like Dengue…NOT

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So! If you’ve read my entry on me going gaga over vanilla, you would know that I have actually found a place called The Vanilla Bean Company and I lav et!

One of my newest raves: Vanilla Bug Spray!

Bugg-Off! is made from 100% organic vanilla mosquito repellant

The Vanilla Bean Company, a Philippines based company, sells the one of a kind Vanilla Bug Spray!

Winner product!

Did you know? Historically, Indians used Vanilla to repel mosquitos in Mexico? I never knew! Not only does it keep the pesky insects away. Vanilla is also proven to have the ability to relieve stress and anxiety while removing food cravings! Winner!

Time to get yourself some vanilla bug spray! This might be the sweetest way to be mosquito free!

The Vanilla Bean Company “Bug-Off” is available at these stores:

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  1. Yay! Thanks for this Ms. Jenni! I saw this before in Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay but haven’t had luck to find it in Manila. I love that it doesn’t have the common citronella scent and that it’s not sticky.


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