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Some people “will work for shoes”. I get that.
Others “will work for bags”. I’m all for that.
Me, I don’t do these things.

I… “will work for gadgets”. Haha!

Look what Aryanna and I spotted while breezing through Anson’s!

Sony Cyber-shot J10 with built-in USB arm! It’s the World’s Smallest 1080p 3D Camera!

2.7″ Clear Photo LCD Screen

Have you ever had one of those times that you just wish you got something on photo? You try to get it on your phone but it just doesn’t work. You lug a DSLR everywhere, but some outfits just don’t match it. Our problems are solved ladies. Sony is a WINNER in compact cameras! The all new Sony DSC-J10 is a compact 16.1MP point ‘n shoot camera that has 4x optical zoom and basically has a big boy’s camera’s features in it’s tiny, stylish body!

Fun, funky and colourful, the Cyber-shot J10 digital camera makes it easy to shoot and share great-looking images. There’s generous memory space inside to store all your shots, plus a handy USB arm for hooking up with your PC. On-board software helps you upload those precious moments without hassle.

Can I just say… IT’S SO ME! Pak! Haha!

This will make blogging easy for me and Aryanna!

Oh, did I mention that my birthday is just around the corner? Ahem, Tom? LOL

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  1. Groupon had a coupon for this camera last week (25% discount) and it was sold out fast! I wish they’d offer it again.

    We’re a family of gadget freaks too. For us, there’s nothing that says “I love you” better than a gadget (currently obsessing on a Nespresso machine). 🙂 For point and shoot cameras, however, I’ve found Sony to be my perfect mate. My T100 still takes perfect pictures after all these years but my TX9 is my favorite. With the J10 around, it seems like they will want a little sister soon! Thanks, Jenni!

  2. Whow! Very convincing! It’s me like, ‘I want it, now na!’ hahaha After reading this post I googled it and I just bought one unit online at 3am! Now I blame myself for having a break last weekend without even using my laptop, I could’ve read this and bought it earlier! 🙂 Thanks Ms. Jenni

  3. Lovely! I’m a gadget person myself and this looks perfect for a point and shoot camera. We already have a DSLR at home but lugging it around can be pretty tiring as well.;)

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