Reader’s Recipe: Health Is Wealth

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From: @iAmKristineC

“@JenniEpperson my easy peasy tuna pasta recipe will blog the recipe soon 🙂 hope u like it 🙂

hi ms @JenniEpperson here is my blog on my🙂 have an amazing day ahead!

So, I just had a Lithotripsy procedure and had to stay at home for two days. The doctor handed-over a “DIET INSTRUCTION FOR PATIENT WITH STONE” just great! All the normal food we cook at home I cannot find it there so imagine how difficult it’s like. I remember I always wanted to cook tuna pasta as it is my comfort food whenever I’m sick. Plus it will be great to blog about it and send the twitpic for Ms. Jenni Epperson as I am a fan since I started using twitter. I got so excited! We still have some cooked pasta leftover from Colin’s 3rd month party last Sunday it must still be OK lol!. All I have to prepare is the tuna sauce. And its’ easy as 1..,2,,,3…”

Dear Kristine,
Thanks for the photos and for blogging the tuna recipe!
I also had a kidney stone scare a few years ago and it was a very painful experience. Since then, I’ve been drinking more water and eating healthier. I hope you’d do the same. Health is wealth!
Natuwa naman ako sa “Dubai” placemat mo! Parang nakarating na rin sa Middle Eat ang tuna recipe na yan! Haha!


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