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Celebrity Stylist and author Ms. Jenni Epperson’s latest book: Fashion + Food Entertaining at Home in Style

I felt some sense of elation when I was invited recently to attend Ms. Jenni Epperson’s book signing held at The Block, SM North Edsa with her book called “Fashion + Food Entertaining at Home“.  Whoa, after all this was the same lady I used to stare at from afar at the corner of my desk when I had a short stint at the editorial department of ABS-CBN Publishing office some years back. It was during the time when she was still connected with Chalk Magazine. I could vividly recall how I used to be in awe as I couldn’t help but stare at her in admiration when Ms. Epperson would walk my way. She’s such a picture of elegance, fashion and confidence. Too bad, I never had the chance to speak a word with her back then.

National Bookstore sold Ms. Jenni Epperson’s book during the book signing day.

By this time you must have understood my feelings upon receiving an email inviting me to attend her book signing. The first thing you’ll notice with Ms. Epperson was her lithe body frame and her genuine smile. She was one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. She doesn’t even mind talking for hours, she says she could go on and talk forever. And when she talks to you, it’s as if you’ve known each other for years.

Ms. Jenni Epperson proudly shows off her book Fashion + Food Entertaining at Home in Style

During the said book signing, Jenni Epperson reveals her three basic mantras in life: Balancing Life and Fashion, she says these are the stuff that grounds her. She shares: “At the end of the day, I’m still a mom and a wife—family is still my top priority, it is very important to me. So Sunday is like a sacred day for us, it is reserved for my family.”

Here Ms. Epperson gamely chats her adoring fans like they’ve known each other for years.

“Enjoying life is about living a life in style. Making your dream a reality every single day is making every moment count. This had been my secret to a youthful look. My book is about living in the Now, on how to live your life fully,” she adds.

She explains, “I created this book to empower you guys to change your life [for the better] by simply changing some habits and lifestyle. I do hope you get a copy of my book, it’s really helpful and I’m very proud of this. I worked on this for fifteen months. Inside my book are some of my plate collections, some amazing recipes like Pork Medallion in Peppercorn sauce, it’s really very easy to do but it looks so impressive. My book will help you to learn about minimum effort, maximum impact. You don’t need to become a top chef to make your family dinner happy by creating something special for them.”

Ms. Jenni Epperson is truly a fashion icon.

During the said event, I was also surprised to know that Ms. Epperson is a very domesticated person. She likes porcelain collection of plates. “My dream is to have two walking closet, one for my clothes and another for my collection of plates.”

She even shared a few personal things about her. “I never knew I’d be destined to work with celebrities,” she quips. She was a young lass who hailed from San Pedro, Laguna. “I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know celebrity or fashion editors. But my work and my passion led me to these people.  And I knew my being a fashion stylist also led me in creating this book so that I can share my knowledge with everyone.” Before she knew it, her natural knack for fashion had jump-started her career.

A true fan of Ms. Jenni this young lady gamely pose before my camera.

For someone who had been into blogging for the past 7 years, she says she started out blogging to confront her fear of technology. She’s a traditional writer in newspapers and magazine. And since sharing information is among her many passions, she enjoyed it and vowed to create and write a book one day. “In this life, you’ve got to try a lot of things to know what you really want. Inspiration comes from everyday life. Writing a book had always been part of her bucket list. Then, came my Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards Winner for Best Lifestyle Blog. That really was some sort of achievement for me—it’s the Red Carpet for bloggers.”

Ms. Epperson autographs one of the books with her fan.

Ms. Epperson even shared a funny experience when she went to Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.
Jenni Epperson’s Fashion + Food Entertaining at Home in Style is a companion type of book. An inspiring book where one could see the heart and soul of the author. Ms. Epperson shares her thirst for knowledge among her readers. She wants to help turn the negative into optimism. Good vibes + good info = happy life.

Ms. Jenni shows off her fashionably fab shoes.

Ms. Jenni shows off her fashionably fab shoes.Ms. Epperson’s book is all worth it as it is packed with information that bounds to inspire people. “It’s not a picture book.” It is a manual on how to live in style. A feel-good book where the message: Sharing is caring = How to raise the bar for yourself.
Lastly, Ms. Epperson advises the audience to: “Be supportive of your kids. It gives them confidence to be who they are. Keep them empowered, stop being a dictator. Give them tools to become good individuals. Spend time with them and live by example.”

Ms. Jenni Epperson with the author.

A true fan of Ms. Jenni this young lady gamely pose before my camera.In the future, Ms. Epperson wants to have her own fashion line so that she could help a whole lot of people in flattering fashion finds and gaining confidence. But now, I’m telling you that you won’t go wrong with the “little black dress,” every girl must have one.Ms. Jenni Epperson is truly a fashion icon.Here Ms. Epperson gamely chats her adoring fans like they’ve known each other for years.Ms. Epperson autographs one of the books with her fan. I went home that night happy, as I’ve absorbed all the positivity of Ms. Epperson and in knowing that she could be just as regular as me, and with her down-to-earth disposition and friendly demeanor, these reasons made me admire her even more!

Go and grab Ms. Jenni Epperson’s Fashion + Food Entertaining at Home in Style at all National Book Sookstore and Powerbooks nationwide.

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