Quick Drying Nail Polish (5 Mins.)

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You know the drill: paint nails, put quick dry oil, oil gets on everything you touch—your mobile phone, iPad, keyboard, leather bag, wallet, face, and so on, wait for the polish to dry, then just when you thought the polish was rock hard you put a dent in it… redo process… Argh!!!

So, who here has issues about slow drying nail polish too? Raise your legs…

Remember this tweet:

After I tweeted my dilemma, several Twitter followers aired the same problem. Luckily, Gina of Dazzle Dry™ read my tweet and offered a solution: she organized a trial home mani/pedi with me using Dazzle Dry™ Nail Polish System.

About Dazzle Dry™

Dazzle Dry is the only Vegan, Non Toxic, Non Yellowing, Hypoallergenic Nail Polish system that DRIES ROCK HARD in 5 Minutes.


Guilt Free Glam Nails that Dries rock hard in 5 Minutes.

After the home service, all I can say is, if I were to give Best Beauty Product awards, Dazzle Dry™ would be on my top 3 list!

Loooove it:

•Vegan product – nitrocellulose-free, no toluene, no formaldehyde, phthalate-free, no DBP, and camphor-free
•Dries rock hard in 5 minutes! For real! So much so, that after 5 minutes, I was able to wear my shoes with my freshly pedicured nails and the laquer didn’t chip at all! Unbelievable!
•Non-yellowing. I’ve used Dazzle Dry™ since May this year. I haven’t “rested” my nails like what I used to do when using other nail polish brands and I’m happy to report that my nails are not yellow and they even look shiny and healthy! Awesome!
•UV protection
•Chip-free for up to 3-4 weeks. My personal experience is 2-3 weeks only maybe because of my active lifestyle.
•Strengthens natural nail
•High gloss finish. Parang duco finish lang. Fab!
•Performs like a gel, removes like regular polish
•Over 100 colors to choose from! NKKLK ang colors!
•No toxic smell

After the Dazzle Dry™ mani/ped,  Gina gave me two bottles of  nail polish: “Evening Song” and “High Velocity Red”. I haven’t used any other nail polish brand since so I’ve been stuck with these two colors for three months! Haha!

Dazzle Dry™ trinity. You MUST use all their products for it to work.

The best nail polish remover, hands down! No toxic acetone scent. Dazzle Dry™ Lemongrass Nail Remover has a refreshing, light scent. Using it never made my nails dry.

Important: One must use ALL the products in the Dazzle Dry™ Nail System to enjoy its benefits and get the results that it promises.

Easy peasy:

1. Remove any existing polish on your nails. Do the usual cuticle, nail cut/file/cleaning.
2. To prepare your nails, wipe the entire surface of each nail with the Dazzle Dry™ Nail Prep. Use a cotton ball for this—this will promote a more effective adherence of the polish and helps in strengthening the nails.
3. Apply the Dazzle Dry™ Base Coat and let it completely dry (it takes 1-2 min.) before proceeding to the next step. The Base Coat dries matte.
4. Polish your nails with your favorite Dazzle Dry™ Nail Lacquer. Like the base coat, most Dazzle Dry™ polishes dries matte.
5. Finally, apply the Dazzle Dry™ Top Coat for a durable and highly glossy finish. Air dry for for 5 minutes. Do NOT use a fan as it may promote bubbles. Again, NO need for UV lamps too as it dries quickly.

A parcel from Dazzle Dry™ was delivered to our home last week.

Ooh… Lovely packaging!

What’s inside?

OMG! Dazzle Dry™ goodies!

Finally!!! After three months, I can finally move on to other colors aside from red and blue! Haha!

Thank you Hans and Gina! You made Aryanna and I very happy!

Et viola!

Some of my Favorite Dazzle Dry™ colors:

Dazzle Dry™ nail polish in “Jade Coral”

Dazzle Dry™ in “Blueberry Sno Cone”

As of now, you can only get Dazzle Dry™ nail service from different salons (check out their Facebook page for the salon list). Dazzle Dry™ is available at Henri Calayag Salon so, book appointments now: Henri Calayag Salon, G/F The Residences at Greenbelt (TRAG), Esperanza Street, Ayala Center, Makati City. Contact: 799-1495/491-4596; (0920) 918-1880; henricalayag_salon@yahoo.com

If you want Dazzle Dry™ to be sold in the Philippines, please hound them! Haha!

For more info about Dazzle Dry™ in the Philippines, visit their Facebook page, click here. Email: info@dazzledry.ph; Call: (0917) 580 4530; Website: http://dazzledry.ph/

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