Porch Progress + Vintage Furniture Restoration

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The home I grew up in Laguna had a wooden deck in front of the house. My dad designed and helped build it while my mom took the task of decorating it. The perimeter of the balcony had wooden benches and my mom put ample flower boxes where she grew plants and herbs. It was a charming spot to hangout in. Sadly, it was torn down when we decided to renovate our family home as the style was dated and no longer suited our lifestyle. I spent my childhood years hanging out on our deck with friends and family, making beautiful memories together.

Our new old house has a porch. It’s not as spacious as the one I grew up in but it has a view of a 50-60 year-old (or maybe older) tree. It’s a nice place to hangout in especially when my husband finally gets around to fixing our lawn (tagal naman, Hun! LOL).

I want our porch to be a relaxing, fun and stylish space. Hopefully, my family and friends will likewise enjoy a place as such just as I did as a child.


The vintage patio furniture is from the 1960’s. The style is classic and the circles details are true to the mod era.

The retro furniture is cool but already rusted. And since we’re not going for the shabby chic look and for safety too (ayaw ng tetanus haha), we decided to have them repaired and restored.


It took two and a half months to restore our vintage outdoor furniture and they were finally delivered last weekend. Woohoo!

To restore the vintage iron chairs and table, we had them sandblasted and spray painted.

We also had a new glass top put in for the table.

Tip: I bought seat cushions from SM to avoid pants/jeans rivets and buttons from scratching the seats of our new furniture.

Vignette time!

Tip: For patio tables, always have the three C’s on hand: cactus (or any plant), candle & coasters

The best part about the new patio furniture is having Aperol Spritz during cocktail hour and just chill out.

Tune in for Maison Epperson’s dining room progress!

Have a great week ahead!

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      Hi Rick,

      The vintage iron furniture we have is very sturdy compared to the brand new ones that are being sold. Kaya ang dambuhala! LOL


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