Plato-platuhan: Heirloom Set

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I know, I know… I have so much ka-platuhan!

Not to be defensive, but let me just say: I may be a hoarder but I use everything I own. I enjoy every piece of item I buy. I’m also not attached to my things. Promise! I’ve always played a scenario in my mind: if all my stuff burned in a fire, what would I miss?

Not one of my top ten answers has anything to do with fashion, beauty, or any of my collection. It would be my computer (all my photos and important documents are there), Tom’s handwritten love letters, photographs, artworks, aryanna’s drawings, etc.

The point is, I use all my stuff: heirloom pieces, collection, etc because I want to enjoy them. What’s the point in owning things you can’t experience and love?

Happy meal

That’s why today I busted out Baby Dylan’s Tiffany set, a gift from my friend Divine Lee during my baby shower. Dylan loves dinosaurs so this dinnerware set is perfect! Look at the adorable dino details!

Thank you tita Divine!

Shoppingera, scour your homes for old gifts and purchases! You never know, you may find some precious stuff hidden somewhere there! Use them and make memories out of them, after all, it’s the memories that will really last you forever. ☺

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