Plato-Platuhan: Fashion Plate

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Being stylish doesn’t have to stop with just clothes. Plate up a serving of fashion with bold and sexy, black and white plato-platuhan!

My latest acquisition to my plato-platuhan collection are sets of Vera Wang Naturals Chalk Stoneware in Graphite (gray) and Leaf (white). Thought I’d share with you some of my favorite table settings at home.

I like minimalist tablescape using monochromatic hues and with a touch of whimsy. I hope this inspires you to create your own table setting at home.

Tip: Try stacking up a mix of black and white plates! These solid and classic colors make it so easy to make dinner look super “bongga”!

MIX AND MATCH. Play with colors and textures.

KEEP IT PRACTICAL. Use stainless steel utensils instead of silverware. The key is in the design of the flatware.

MAKE IT FUN! Add a touch of whimsical element to your table settings.

Topped with my signature Epperson napkin fold, a simple bowtie in the center of the plate, it gives a high fashion feel to our dining experience. Naaaaks!

CLASSIC WITH A TWIST. Mix modern pieces with classic designs.

PERSONALIZE IT. The bow napkin is a signature Epperson touch.

Start busting out your heirloom pieces and enjoy them with your loved ones!

Remember: “LIVE STYLE”


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