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The BER months are almost here! Walang kokontra.

Two things happen when I flip my calendar to September: my mind automatically rummages my closet and bust out “Boots Anson Roa” (read: boots), and I start getting that warm feeling of Christmas (yay Christmas cookies!)

While I start to panic (I’m a Virgo. Nuff said.) about what to give who, I get news that paPillo Fine Stationers is releasing yet another great collection of stationery! I am a super fan!

Whoever said handwritten cards are outdated is lazy and impersonal. I LOVE Christmas cards! In fact, I love letters period. There’s so much love that comes from someone taking the effort to write a note by hand, and sending it someone’s way. It’s romantic, touching, and can really give you that warm feeling all over. In fact I still keep Tom’s letters and like I said before, if a fire breaks out (knock on wood!) they would be one of the few things I will save.

paPillo’s mission is to bring back the charm of letter writing. These are not your grandma’s cards. (Although, keri din! Buy her some!) Their products are known to be fashion forward and modern, without losing the classic feel to them. They have a wide range of products from cards to stationery, and invitations to luggage medallions! This time around, they’re releasing a collection with whimsical images, deco corners, and sophisticated monograms. It says, “Thinking of you” in a very sossy way!

Letters have so much meaning and personality. While an expensive designer bag may have the same impact, because we can’t buy one for every single girlfriend in our lives, a beautifully crafted card with beautifully written words can be just equally special. Get yourself some paPillo stationery, and put a very personal and loving touch to every occasion!

Here’s what I recently ordered from paPillo. I love the black paper and white borders combo! All I need is a fine tip silver pen and Tom and I are ready for the yuletide season!

To view paPillo‘s new designs, call Emmylou/ Daisy, +(63) 2 810 5295, +(63) 929 365 2328 or email them at Follow @papillo_statio and @nawwTy on Twitter!

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