Palm Tree Errthang

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I’m obsessed with palm trees and palm prints!

Tom is currently prepping our lawn and backyard for some serious gardening. We’re going out of town soon to buy plants and guess what’s first on the list? TROPICAL PALMS!!!

Palm plants, trees and other tropical leaf prints provide a visual escape. Being surrounded with indoor and outdoor fronds or decorating with anything palm print feels like you’re always on vacation.

Palm Tree Errthang:


Nuts with coconuts! (Clockwise:) Tropical Gardens of the Philippines, National Book Store; Aloha Palm Hand-painted Collection, I bought the plates and cups a few years ago from The Landmark; Premium Virgin Coconut Oil, G Stuff; Palm sunglasses, H&M; Oreo in ‘Coconut Delight’ flavor, SM, Makati; Coconut Body Butter, The Body Shop

Tropical style

palm frame

Palm-tastic! (Clockwise:) Palm Key FOB, Tory Burch; Palm Tree socks and Palm Leaves dress, Forever 21

Nothing melts away stress than listening to the sound of coconut trees rustling in the breeze and sipping fresh buko juice in a hot summer’s day.

Who’s a fronds fanatic too?

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