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Tom and I never had a proper home office in our previous condo. We had limited space so the dining table doubled as the family’s work area. It was fine, in fact, my husband and I photographed and styled most of the food shots in my book on top of it.

Our new house is quite spacious and we are happy that we have an extra room for a proper home office. It’s actually my husband’s office but he’s letting me crash with him until I’m done working on my walk-in closet/office.

We are still using the same dining table/desk we had in our previous condo (we finally have a proper dining table, YAY!) and I bought new work chairs (got them on sale, YAY again!) and Tom rearranged the office furniture. I can’t show you a photo of the room yet as it’s not yet done but I love what my husband did to the space.

The simplest gestures mean the most. Thanks @tomepperson. #workarea #desk

Photo taken using Instagram

For now, let me share with you what’s on top of my side of the desk:

Brass mint julep cup: Blue Carreon Home, Century City Mall
Green pencils: Faber-Castell
Pen: Schneider ‘Press’
Neon marker: Stabilo Boss
Ceramic dish: no brand (made in Italy), Rustan’s
Snack: Pik-Nik Ketchup Fries (I’m so glad they have the gluten-free variety!)
Digital magazine: Architecture Digest, August issue
Laptop: Apple
Toy: Dylan’s radio control transmitter for his RC car (a reminder to get new batteries and fix the antenna. Mekaniko?!)

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