New: The Aivee Clinic Opens in Alabang

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First of all, congratulations to Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo on the opening of their latest clinic in Alabang!

Folks in the South are lucky to have a world-class beauty facility in their neighborhood!

The Alabang clinic upholds four pillars of The Aivee Group, staying true to being a first-class center for advanced dermatology, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration and aesthetic and regenerative stem cell therapy.


Dr. Aivee and Dr Z Teo with friend and designer Francis Libiran

The new Aivee Clinic sits in the green and breezy Commerce Center in Alabang. Built with respect to its natural surroundings, the bright and open layout goes beyond one’s expectations of a beauty hub. Now more than ever, a visit to the Aivee League’s newest gem feels more of a spa experience, a quick urban getaway from the daily stress of the city.


It is a beauty sanctuary where you get to feel cozy and comfortable, with each visit a true staycation. Love is in the details—and it is in these details where a combination of simplicity, subtlety, thoughtfulness and sheer elegance that The Aivee Clinics stand out.

The Interiors

There’s that lightness and openness, the kind of energy you get as you step in the new Alabang clinic, or in any of the Aivee League clinics.

Everything is pretty, plush and very charming. Function doesn’t get in the way of style, and vice versa.

Handpicked and curated by Dr. Aivee Teo herself, every detail matters. Soothing camel and blush tones are spread out, while artful furnishings and flooring underpin the character of the place. Washed out pastels tie everything in, while rich textures from the seats to beds, provide decadence.

Reflective crystal, gold and glass strategically accentuate every corner, anchoring the entire ambience. Keepsakes and added touches make things homey. Like scented candles, fresh flowers and lingering fragrances that engage the senses, allowing you to be in a state of calm.


The ambience harmoniously blends the outdoors in, a reflection of iconic hotel interiors you may find in the French Riviera. Reminiscent of the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, one of Dr. Aivee Teo’s favorite Côte d’Azur accommodations, it’s warm and welcoming—an epitome of relaxed luxury at The Aivee Clinics.

Treatments such as the non-invasive anti-aging cold laser, Sygmalift, Sunetics laser light hair therapy, body sculpting by Vaser Lipo, acne solutions through Agnes, and Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP offer viable options for total skin rejuvenation, and for regenerative purposes such as healing and repairing of aging joints and sport injuries.


Still rooted in SmartSkin™ Typing, a multi-faceted system of tailor-made, highly customized treatment plan per patient, The Aivee Clinic brings in their latest additions to skincare and holistic beauty.


The Aivee League


The Aivee Clinic goes beyond standard uniforms and incorporates a form of stylish dressing. To complete a streamlined look, the dress code for work naturally followed the clinic’s aesthetics. The Aivee Clinic staff wears a signature look: a simple, pared-down and effortless ensemble. For this, Dr. Aivee collaborated with fashion designer and long-time friend, Francis Libiran. The two have known each other since college and this was the perfect opportunity to work together. Dr. Aivee Teo’s direction was translated through a coordinated collection. The same rules apply—clean lines, functional, comfortable, polished—from the fabric, feminine silhouette, neckline, down to the minimal accessories. The color scheme: white, black, and grays, classic colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

It’s party time!

A mix of celebrities from both the fields of entertainment, fashion and politics was there to cut the ribbon during the opening of the Aivee clinic in Alabang. Among them were Gretchen Barretto, Tonyboy  Cojuangco, Edu Manzano, Heart Evangelista, Maricel Pangilinan, Inno Sotto, Dennis Lustico, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, . Also present were Aivee’s mom Imelda Aguilar, Dr. Z and the Teo kids — Ken-Z, Kenzo, and Kelli.



The intrinsic Aivee Effect formula is unfailing: sophisticated design, personalized and top-notch service, state-of-the-art technology, and professional beauty and wellness treatments in a pampering environment. Yet, with the hotel-like interiors and new innovations, there’s much to look forward to.

Book and appointment and get a beauty consultation now! Visit The Aivee Clinic at Commerce Center in Alabang!

Check out The Aivee Clinic’s beauty menu:


High Performance Skin Lifting

The first cold laser tightening machine in the country that provides faster results and greater precision in facial lifting and rejuvenation. This 635nm laser accelerates skin’s natural healing process. Using fractional energy, it treats localized fat especially in cheeks and double chin. With immediate and long-term effects, it reduces volume in targeted areas.


Painless, Non-surgical Laser Light Therapy for Hair Growth

This laser technology is a chemical and drug-free, non-surgical modality for treating hair loss in men and women. The laser therapy works at a cellular level, using Bio-stimulation to energize weakened hair follicles and stimulate regrowth.


Liposculpture: LipoSelection for Body Sculpting

LipoSelection by Vaser addresses concerns from early generations of liposuction. Fears of pain, bruising, bleeding and extended recovery periods from surgical fat removal are now greatly improved, if not prevented, with this ultrasound energy machine. The ultimate in safety and precision fat removal, it is the new standard of care for surgical body re-shaping. Stubborn fat deposits can now be selectively targeted and permanently removed with minimal pain, down time and consistent results. You remove fat and get a defined and sculpted look at the same time.

Platelet-rich Plasma

Anti-aging Growth Factors

Increased growth factors in PRP speed up healing and repair. In facial rejuvenation, PRP is known to plump up and restore volume, skin texture, tone and color with minimal recovery time. Growth factors stimulate collagen production including hyaluronic acid which increases tone and volume for a youthful appearance. In regenerative healing, PRP is a proven treatment for sport-related injuries such as ligament and muscle injuries as well as age related degenerative joint diseases like arthritis.

The Ultimate Acne Solution

RF and specialized waves prevent acne from recurring. Through selective destruction of the sebaceous gland, inflammations are disrupted. It destroys selective sebaceous gland without damaging the epidermis. Long-term cure rate and low recurrence rate for acne—it is an effective solution to stubborn acne problems.

Agnes also effectively treats Syringoma, eye bags, and eye wrinkles.

*Smart Skin Typing System

The Aivee Clinic believes that not all skins are created equal and utilizes the Smart Skin system to determine actual and specific skin concerns. There are in fact 16 unique skin types, not 3 (normal, dry, combination). By carefully classifying skin through texture, pigmentation, tightness, sensitivity, redness, weakened or resistant to certain ingredients, one gets an accurate and comprehensive skin reading.

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