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Baby Dylan is growing up so fast! Every mom knows that her baby has very special needs that require special attention especially at this critical stage. After all, we want only the best for our precious little angels! So here’s my top 5 pick for what all you mommy readers need to put in your shopping cart for your growing babies!

1. Playtex VentAire Advanced angled feeding bottle
Did you know that angled feeding bottles help prevent hiccups and tummy discomfort? It also makes feeding baby so much easier! Great for baby and mommy!

Playtex VentAire Advanced feeding bottle

2. Disney bottle brush
I have gone through 5 of those metal bottle brushes already. They rust and that’s just not ideal! I found a better alternative that will keep baby’s bottles clean and safe at all times. This Plastic Feeding Bottle Brush is both rust free and BPA free!

Disney bottle brush

3. Mom&baby Toothbrush Set
All moms know that dental hygiene has to start while they’re young. This Angled toothbrush set is the best way to introduce the little ones to brushing! It’s so easy to hold, and it makes toothbrush time for the little ones very comfortable.

Mom&baby Toothbrush Set

4. Farlin Soft Silicone Spoon
No more biting down on hard plastic spoons! Feeding time for baby should be treated as delicately as they are. This Sillicone Spoon is perfect for just that!

Farlin silicone spoon

5. Evenflo Smart Step Portion Plate
No one wants obese babies!!! Finally, proper nutrition can be started while they’re little with this Portion Plate. Trust me, a little bit of fruit, a little bit of grain, and a little bit of protein can go a long way with your child’s eating habits.

Evenflo Smart Steps Portion Plate


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  1. Hi Jenni! As usual your picks are awesome. But I just have to share that the Playtex Ventair did not work for us. We had 3 but all it leaked. I guess the plastic expanded because of sterilization (not an expert, just asuming). But what do I know, it was 4 years ago, so maybe they have already manufactured new type. 🙂

    For the bottle brush, I HIGHLY suggest using the Avent one. I swear by this. A little pricey than the rest, but will last you years (ours lasted for 2.5 years). promise po. 🙂

    take care and keep up the uber awesome work on your blog.

    Netie (a certified #JENNIration)

  2. Post

    Thanks for all your comments!

    Hi Netie!

    So far I am happy with the Playtex VentAire Advanced feeding bottles. They are especially handy for traveling as Dylan likes to feed sitting up.

    Like what you wrote, the sterilization might have affected the shape of the bottle. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Hi Ms. Jenni,

    I agree with Ms. Netie. I received a Playtex Ventaire gift set just this year and it leaked as well, we suspected the leak was caused by sterilizing using a microwaveable sterilizer, but the after we have replaced the rubber seal below, the bottle still leaked, this made us very upset considering that the bottle is so ergonomic. I have a friend and I read some reviews with the same problem. As much as I want to replace it but I don’t know their sales office here in Manila and I don’t have a receipt for it because it’s just a gift to us.

    Checking out your blog on a daily basis has been my habit, more power Ms. Jenni 🙂

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