My Journey To Starting A New Biz

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There once was a time in my life when not being productive was the worst thing ever. I felt like I was just waiting for my life to start and wishing that I would “make it” in my career and life in general. As I got older though, I started to appreciate the nothingness in my life. Life has gotten hectic and caused me to be stressed and tired so spending my day reading e-magazines, eating salads, meditating, and organizing my walk-in China closet started to sound like ecstasy. So I forged into the semi-retired lifestyle, basically, I allowed myself to be bored. It was actually super fun. I lounged in my t-shirt and shorts the whole day, caught up on all the Netflix series that I missed over the years (Pretty Little Liars, The Good Wife, House—you get the picture), and I just delighted in the fact that I never had to take any anti-anxiety meds to chill. Life was good.

For someone who started working at an early age, focusing on relaxation was a welcome change from my previous fast paced lifestyle. In the process, I discovered how to center myself and found inner peace (#namaste). Literally, my life felt like a marshmallow—sweet and soft, haha! My body was relaxed and calm, my mind was clear and focused, I listened to my intuition, and after three years of hiatus, I realized that living the lady of leisure lifestyle was overrated!!! LOL

Ladies of leisure icons of the silver screen: ‘The Women’, 1939

Don’t get me wrong, doing nothing can be bliss but when it comes to living a rewarding life, I knew I needed to take risks and that meant going back to work, generating ideas and making them happen, this time, with a deeper sense of purpose and with a wealth of experience to boot. Just a quick background, I started my career in advertising then shifted to sales and management before venturing into fashion and styling. Creating concepts and selling products came natural to me, not because I was “maboka” (chatty or with good oratorical skills) but because my passion has always been about sharing. When I believe in something, I am the first to promote it! I believe that my blog and social media accounts are indicative of my intention of my passion to inspire and live the best life.

Here I am now, pursuing my passion by morphing into an entrepreneur, discovering products I believe in and sharing them with all of you.

I am delighted to present to you my new e-commerce business: Always Sunday

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