My Happy Valentine’s Day

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My Valentine’s Day was a bit different this year as I’m down with the flu. I told my husband a few days before V-Day that if he had planned a dinner or any surprises that involved going out of the house, I would pass. But Tom, being a romantic had already planned months in advance a weekend staycation in a hotel. So sweet!

I didn’t want to waste his hotel reservation and I felt a little better anyway so I was game.

While packing, here’s a typical scenario in Maison Epperson:

Dylan: “What are you doing, mom?”
Me: “Packing. Dad and I are going somewhere. (Purposely speaking in general terms and without disclosing details to my 5-year old because I know how it’s going to pan out, haha!)
Dylan: “OK, I’ll pack too!”
Me: “No, dahling. Just dad and me. No kids allowed.”
Dylan: (In his this-is-the-end-of-the-world kind of tone) “WHAT?!! I’m not going?!! That’s not right. That’s not fair.”
Me: “It’s OK. We’ll be back soon. Aryanna is not even going.”
Dylan: “Aryanna can stay. I’m going!”
Me: “Dylan… Sometimes, dad and mom need time to be alone. Just like when the two of us go out. *blah, blah, blah*
Dylan: *Puppy face and teary-eyed* “I know, mom. But… but… I love you and I just always want to be with you.

It’s getting harder to reason with my son as he’s growing up smart! OMG. May sakit ako. Kapagod mag-explain! Sige na! Sumama na kayong lahat!!! LOL

How can I resist these gestures of love?!!

It really doesn’t take a lot much to declare ones love. My kilig moment from my boys!

Time to check in!

Marriott Manila Hotel

We had a family meeting while Tom fixed our stay. We all agreed that the kids could stay until 6pm then Tom would bring them home to get some alone time.

I’ve always liked the Executive Lounge in Marriott Manila. If you’re staying in the Executive Suite, you can check in the lounge. Easy breezy.

My son was not convinced—malayo ang tingin, haha!

Sweet Valentine’s Day treats in the hotel’s lounge. None for me because I’m dieting.

Palm Sunday


Swim fans

Pool time with the kids.  I was snuggled in thick beach towels watching Aryanna and Dylan have fun in the pool. I’m glad I caved in and brought them to the hotel with us. Seeing them happy makes me happy too. Tom on the other hand was watching the clock—hashtag: 6PM! LOL

Finally, some peace, quiet and room service.

After Tom dropped off the kids back home, we snuggled in bed and watched TV and movies. Since we don’t have a TV in our room at home, it was a nice change. We actually finished watching three movies without anyone yelling at us “MOM! DAD!”

Thank you hun for always making me feel special! Happy Valentine’s Day and I love you forever!

The view from our hotel room. It gave Tom and me ideas for our garden. Love it!

Relationships are all about love and compromise. A happy Valentine’s Day and life in general is about making simple gestures that say ‘I love you,’ living in harmony and some uninterrupted movie-watching time. 😉

Cheers to love!

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