My Favorite Soup In Pizza Form

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After watching the Oscars Red Carpet yesterday, I’m so inspired to lose more weight!

I’m on a diet and I’m being mindful of the food I consume. If I could I would eat sashimi everyday because it’s low-fat but there’s the health risk of parasites, heavy metals and bacteria. Scary. So I eat healthy (and mostly cooked) food that’s tasty and low in calories.

One of my favorite soups is broccoli & cheese. I like its creamy and savory taste however, the calories can pile up quickly especially if you add lots of butter and cheese. Bawal.

Instead of making a low-calorie soup, I thought I’d make a pizza version that’s as yummy plus, it’s healthy. Quick and super easy recipe below:

Skillet Broccoli & Cheese Tortilla Pizza




1 head of broccoli, broiled or roasted (I used an airfryer to broil my veggies. You can also use an oven toaster. Just coat the broccoli in 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and season with pepper before broiling or roasting)
1/2 cup sharp cheddar, shredded
1 tbsp tomato sauce or tomato ketchup
small tortillas (you can opt for wheat tortillas but since I’m intollerant to wheat, I use the regular flour wraps. Can someone bring in Ezekiel 4:9® or make sprouted whole grain tortillas please?!!!)

Easy peasy:


Step 1: Toast the tortilla over an open flame. This will make it extra crispy and hold the ingredients well without it being soggy.


Step 2: Spread the tomato sauce or tomato ketchup


Step 3: Add the broiled or roasted broccoli


Step 4: Add the sharp cheddar cheese


Step 5: Place the toasted tortilla in a hot skillet. Cook until the edges of the tortilla are brown, this indicates that the bottom of the tortilla is getting nice and brown, remove the pan from the heat.


Step 6: Cover the top of the pan with a cover for about 1-2 minutes, so the cheese on top can melt with the residual heat from the pan.


Step 7: Slice the tortilla pizza


Step 8: Pick up a slice of pizza and take a photo of it. Post it on Instagram and tag me because you know it’s the right thing to do, haha!

This dish will be the boss of you.

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