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I want some pieces from Missoni x Target. Do any of you know how to order them online and deliver it to Manila? Please help me!

The Missoni for Target collection is TDF! I am especially in love with the homeware!

According to Margherita Maccapani Missoni, it is the biggest designer collaboration Target has ever had with around around 400 pieces!

See the Missoni for Target collection in action – and learn about the history and traditions of Missoni.

As a plato-platuhan collector, this would be a chic (and cheap) addition to my growing collection!

I can imagine these in the master’s bedroom and bathroom.

It would be nice to have some of these pieces too:

I know this is pushing my luck but I. WANT. IT.


Missoni for Target will be available on September 13

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  1. I think for your to be able to get a grab of this is that have someone buy this for your at Target and ship it here. That’s I usually do when I wanted something from the states. Of course your going to wait atleast one month for the shipment. I checked out the site they don’t offer shipping internationally.

  2. Order online ( they accept international credit cards) and ship to Johnny Air Cargo (they have LA, SAN FRO, NY, NY office). They ship via air freight or sea freight too.

  3. Ms. Jenni, Target don’t ship internationally, but you can send your item to Johnny Air Cargo in NY, and they’ll ship it at their Megamall Branch for you to pick up.

    Read about it on Ms. Cecile’s link to her blog. That’s how she ships hers daw.

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  4. you can go to the website of you can order your items online then ship it to their address and they will be the ones to pack it in a box then ship home. it takes about 3-4 weeks for the box to get here. if you need them to buy the item in the store, they will do it for you with a 5% surcharge.
    Happy shopping =)

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  5. wow gusto ko rin ng mga plato!!! And the long cardigan too!
    Better if you have relative/friends abroad willing to buy and ship to you.
    I usually order online and have it shipped to my sis-in-law’s house in US and she arranges for a balikbayan box for all my orders, via Forex box at $65 per box — more expensive than others but a very reliable bbbox supplier and box arrives at our doorstep 21-25 days after dispatching from US. They never failed us for 9 years na!

  6. Sad to say it was sold out within minutes. There was a long line even before the stores opened. Same online, their site crashed a couple of times because of heavy traffic :(…

  7. hi ms. jenni, were you able to get one already cos i’m selling sets of bowls, plates, trays.


    please call me at 09178440513

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