Monday Musts: Get Started

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Time to get up! It’s another busy week!

Monday is like the New Year of the week, it’s a day where one can start fresh and get things in order.

Let’s get started:

1st row:

Cheerios. Start the day healthy. Cheerios with non-fat milk rocks!
Coffee. Everyone’s saviour
Smythson Brunches, Lunches, Suppers Panama Notebook. Jot down those goals at the start of the week. Be organized, write down the week’s schedules and appointments. Looooove this Smythson periwinkle-colored notebook!

2nd row:

Royal Doulton tea cup. Drink tea throughout the day, it’s good for you. Keep lovely tea cups in the office and at home to make tea time more special.
Reed Krakoff bag. Organized bag =Stress free
Salad. Whether dieting or not, eat fresh greens.

3rd row:

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. No office uniform? Lucky! If you don’t need to wear heels, a black wedge high tops goes well with your chinos and blazer.
Stella McCartney blazer. A classic black blazer will take you from morning meetings to nightime gimmicks; sunglasses is the best “makeup” when rushing out of the house. Don’t be late!
Prada “Baroque” acetate sunglasses. Rushing to get out of the house? No time to put on makeup? Don a giant sunglasses and enter the office in style. Just make sure to go straight to the ladies’ room and get made up.

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