Moisturize While In The Shower

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I’m one of those people who is in-and-out of the shower in five minutes. I shampoo (sometimes, condition my hair), lather and rinse, done. It’s pretty straightforward. No frill, no epic cleansing rituals equals no joy.

It’s probably because I’m conscious of my water consumption and I’m always in a rush that I don’t really get to enjoy shower time.

This year, I started a making my bathing experiences more pleasurable (but still being aware of the water I use) and the new Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion is helping me in that department.

My favorite is the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion (Intensive Skin Conditioner). It’s perfect for my dry skin.  It immediately absorbs into the skin. So gone are the days where you need to wait around for your skin to absorb moisturizer after showering, and with no greasy after-feeling, you can slip clothes straight on and good to go!

How it works: Nivea In-shower Body Lotions are activated by water and immediately absorb into the skin. It leaves a nourishing and caring film on the skin surface without a sticky feeling.

Easy peasy:

1. Wash – Cleanse with shower gel as usual and rinse off
2. Apply – Stepping back from the shower stream, apply a generous amount of Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. You’ll be amazed how quickly it rubs in
3. Rinse – The caring formula will immediately be absorbed by your skin and then you can rinse off
4. Ready– Dry off and you can get dress immediately!

Tip: I also put a bottle of Nivea In-Shower Lotion Skin Conditioner in our sink. It’s perfect to use after washing dishes! The hands remain soft and moisturized.

If you use conditioner for your hair to soften it, why not for the body too, right?

See you at the grocery!

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