Maison Epperson: Oh, Christmas Tree (Part 2)

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Yes, I’m still in the “Christmas tree” phase. You will not hear the end of it till I’ve semi-completed the decor. I’m actually surprised with myself that I haven’t gone all out on decorating our tree. Normally, I would buy EVERYTHING and by the day’s end, we’d have a Christmas tree on steroids. Could it be that I’ve gotten older? Hell, no! I believe that this new found patience comes from experience. Knowing me and my family, we’d probably get tired of our decors before the holidays are over! So, WE (yes, our whole family) decided to build our tree slowly and beautifully.

We’re not “dreaming of a white Christmas” anymore — we made it a reality!

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Working on a family project like decorating a Christmas tree is not easy especially when you’re an Epperson because we are bull-headed individuals — each of us have our own minds, style, opinions, and wise-cracks. We eat “Survivor” challenges for brunch! Seriously, it takes a lot of patience and love to agree on what COLOR of tree to get! LOL

Here are tips on how to decorate your own Christmas tree together with your family:

1. Listen to mom. All the time. The end. I’m joking.
2. Happy wife = happy life! I’m not kidding.
3. Choose a theme that reflects your family’s style.
4. Listen to kids, they have great ideas! We all decided that our theme would be Fashion + Food (both of which we are passionate about) + Where The Wild Things Are (our all-time favorite children’s book and we dedicate it to our baby Dylan)
5. If you can’t decide, divide the responsibilities. In our case, Tom and Aryanna decided on what color of tree to get and I took care of the trimmings.
6. Decorate together. There will be no glitter throwing at each other. Those sparkly specs are evil!
7. If you have small children, make your tree kid-friendly. Leave the heirloom pieces for when they grow-up.
8. Have fun! It’s just a plastic tree! The true essence of Christmas is spending time with your loved ones.

You’ve seen our white Christmas tree from my previous post, it’s time to reveal the accessories!

Fashion + Food + Where The Wild Things Are = Holiday style

Fashion: I treated our tree like a LWD (little white dress). It’s a great canvas to add accessories.

This floral ornament with a drop-pearl detail reminds me of Coco Chanel!

Every little white dress (and white Christmas tree) needs chandelier accessories!

Food: The Eppersons are big on baking cookies during the holidays. What better way to decorate our tree but with gingerbread!

This is me.

From left: Aryanna, Dylan, Tom

Maison Epperson

Where The Wild Things Are: I chose dripping berry branches to represents a magical forest!

The glittery berry seed branches and reindeer are for our baby Dylan!

Ooh…this is a bonus! I am not fond of D.I.Y. projects but I couldn’t find a silver flower to add to our tree so I made one! It’s not exactly a flower but the clusters of small-sized Christmas balls strung together and tied to the silver leaf, did the job! Watchutink?

Got Christmas balls?

We had a family meeting again this week and discussed what decoration was lacking on our tree. So far, here are some ideas:

1. Buy gigantic silver balls to add scale to our tree.
2. Hang candy canes to add color and, according to Aryanna, “kiddie-fy” it. I’m bracing myself for the army of ants! Haaaay!
3. Add garlands. Aryanna suggested pearls, an homage to Coco Chanel. Aww…she’s really my daughter!
4. The biggest debate is: to put a star or an angel on top of the tree

Tom: “Where’s the star?”
Aryanna: “Stars suck.”
Tom: “Oh, what do you want? A Barbie?”
Aryanna: “No! An angel.”
Tom: “An angel Barbie?”
Aryanna: *rolls eyeballs* “Better than putting Ken.”
Me: “Ken and Barbie!”
Tom and Aryanna: “Pffffft!”

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      Hi Yoola!
      The gingerbread ornamets are made from clay. I got them at Rustan’s. They are very delicate, almost like the real thing.

  1. Hi jenni,
    Hope all is well with you. Your no. 1 fan in Melbourne. I so love everything about you. For me your a woman with class and substance. Lurve your white Christmas tree very jennirific like (imeldific) you and your family are very creative and resourceful. Your not into things like rushing to be competitive but you do it slowly but surely. And oh, I lurve your heels. Would you mind to ask where did you get those? Ofcourse I am voting for you. Your the best! And I love your sense of style very iconic and classic! A.k.a woman should have two things classy and fabulous! – coco Chanel oh, diva very you jenni jennirific epperson. Love you ms. Jenni.

  2. We used to hav gingerbread and real candy canes on our tree, too, growing up in Hong Kong; could never pull it off in Manila, though, so you’re ver brave! Haha!

    Luv the tree, Jenni! It is truly a family project, nothing department-store-ish, which is refreshing. May I ask where u got the tear-drop-Chanel-esque decor? Doesn’t go w/ my tree, but it’s so adorable!

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