Maison Epperson: Oh, Christmas Tree (Part 1)

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Since Aryanna’s “incident” with Santa Claus eight years ago, plus moving into a condo, we’ve pretty much given up on the idea of having a big Christmas tree. We traded our 12-ft. green plastic pine tree to something more practical — a 3-ft. pink Christmas tree. We were contended with our minimal holiday decor (one tiny tree).

Things changed this year. Ever since Dylan rocked our world, the Eppersons agreed that we needed to make Christmas more magical for our rug rat — we decided to invest on another gigantic plastic pine tree with trimmings and all!

Since Christmas is really all about the kids, Aryanna and Tom (my third “child”, haha!), took control of what color of tree to get. They both wanted a White Christmas. Good start.

Me, I’m just the shoppingera, a mere peon in the family. LOL!

Here are my finds:

White Christmas tree from SM, Makati

Our new 8-ft. white Christmas tree

I was lucky to find the perfect Christmas tree! I found a deconstructed white plastic pine tree! Compared to the umbrella-type trees, this is far easier to store and clean.

What I love about it:

•Each branch connects to individual rings attached to the tree trunk, making it easy to store them in separate plastic bags or boxes and easy to clean too! I mean, how does one really clean one whole gigantic Christmas tree?
•The branches are color-coded and numbered for easy installation. It took our family 10 min. to put the tree together. Ang bilis!
•The plastic leaves came in different sizes. It gave texture to the Christmas tree.

Easy assembly

Guess who’s Santa’s little helper?

The Finnster!

What is it with babies and boxes? Our dahling Dylan played “car, car” while we were assembling the Christmas tree.


Like a moth to a flame

Dylan: “Light mama, light!”

Thanks to LED lights, I won’t have a heart attack every time my baby touches the bulbs!

Tip: If you are buying Christmas lights for your home, use LED (light-emitting diode) lights. You get all the beauty for a fraction of the cost. They use 10% of the energy that traditional strings of lights would use. This will save you a bundle on your electricity bill. LEDs are reliable and do not produce heat like the the regular bulbs.

Let there be LED lights!

I bought 80% of my Christmas tree ornaments from Crossing Department Store, Shangri-La Mall. They have everything you need to decorate your home this coming holiday season!

Silver and white ornaments

Our Christmas tree is still a work in progress. I don’t want to go all out in one go. So far, this is what we’ve worked on. I want to slowly build our tree simultaneous with making memories with my family in each coming year.

I’ll update you guys on what we’ve added to our tree soon! Tune in!

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